Our Stories: Ashley Guo–“People should try to be more understanding”


Photo by Ashley Guo

Students must adjust to working on their own during the e-learning period.

Even though I am staying in Illinois, many of my friends have gone back to China. There, they are facing lots of hardships. Many people are criticizing the students who are coming back to China from the US online by saying they are bringing back the virus and undermining the government’s work. I understand their perspectives; however, everyone who is going back home is doing all they can to stay safe. They are wearing protective overalls, goggles, gloves, and masks while being self-quarantined for two weeks upon arrival. I do not think they did anything wrong, especially because they are just trying to go home and visit their families. The attitude of the pandemic has definitely changed a lot too. I hardly see people roaming the streets in my neighborhood, which is so different than what I’m used to. I left and things were normal, but when I go back everything will be so different. I feel that, especially at a time like this, people should try to be more understanding, rather than just pointing fingers and placing blame on others.