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A tunnel in Mexico that cleanses a civilian before they can use public transportation.

Our Stories: Angie Cotton–Chlorine tunnels and waiting for hockey camp

The governor decided to install tunnels all over town that ‘spit’ chlorine at you, so people have to walk through them before getting on the bus or on the train.

The toughest challenge for me is not having my own room back home, which forces me to have to do my homework in rooms where it’s often noisy, especially since these walls are pretty thin. I literally just heard somebody pull out a chair in the kitchen from my bed. I often do my schoolwork in the kitchen, which is rough because my mom likes to have the news on all the time in there, so it’s kind of overwhelming listening to all of it all day long.

I play lacrosse in the spring, so I was looking forward to playing sports outside. However, I am getting my occasional lax fix every here and there, but it’s kind of hard when I live in a small house, and the garage is the only place where I can practice against the wall. Unfortunately, I live on a mountain, so everything goes downhill. I have lost two out of three lacrosse balls, and I doubt that I will have the third one with me by the end of quarantine. I’ve also been playing some floor hockey with my sister, as well as sprints and basic lifting drills with my mom’s weights. I’m really hoping that quarantine ends soon, and that everything will mostly go back to normal. Over the summer I work at LFA’s hockey camp, and I was looking forward to it since it gives me a chance to not spend the hottest days of the year in Mexico. I was also excited to be on campus without the weight of schoolwork on my back.

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