Our Stories: Mariana Quiroz–“Social distancing has gotten harder”


FaceTiming with friends can help pass the time.

Mariana Quiroz

“Staying inside all day is definitely not how I thought I was going to be spending the past couple of weeks. It was really hard at first, because for spring break I had been planning on visiting my family in Mexico, and having to cancel it was devastating for me and my family. Social distancing has gotten harder as time goes on, because I consider myself a very social person, and not being able to see friends in person is definitely making everything harder. I am, however, grateful for the time I am able to spend with my family. I’ve been playing tennis with my dad every day. I’ve been practicing and writing music too, and I learned how to play the ukulele.

The spring season being canceled was pretty upsetting, because I was looking forward to getting back into fencing after months of not being able to due to my other sports. I’ve been playing tennis and going on walks to keep myself active because I really don’t want to fall out of my fitness routine. After this pandemic is over, I’m really looking forward to being with my friends again, to actually go places and not have to take precautions. I think a positive effect is that I will never take things for granted: school, sports, social gatherings, even just hanging out with someone.”