Our Stories: Jake Powers–Lollapalooza and the magnitude of positive thought

Jake Powers

Although thus far, I rather like e-learning, I bet that will change quickly. I do honestly hope that is not the case. I’d say that the only added expectation I have for my teachers is that they respond fast to emails, as it’s our primary way of communication. I have had certain situations, where I needed a teacher to respond to an email for me to move forward on an assignment that could very well be due at the end of the same day. Other than that vital request, I see no other large issue.

I hate being inside to the extent I am. I notice, much like long “carry all ya stuff” canoeing trips, I tend to get in my thoughts often. I sometimes become enveloped in my larger than life thoughts, and although that can be very beneficial, it’s quite wearing.

I’m sad that everything is canceled, but the one thing that really pushed me over the edge in this quarantine, was the cancellation of Lollapalooza. Lollapalooza is the single best four days of the year. Metaphorically speaking, imagine if every time someone thinks to themselves during this festival, “Hey this is fun,” could be measured by a single one-by-one by one square centimeter box. With over 400,000 people attending, most often for multiple days and having our specific thought a multitude of times… it would mean you could cover an entire neighborhood worth of ground, in thought. I know it’s far from scientific, but I did the math.