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The introduction of the Multiracial Student Union


The Multiracial Student Union (MRSU)  is a new addition to LFA’s affinity groups. This new group offers a different perspective into the common “affinity group” because there are no joined holidays, culture, or celebrations. Being multiracial means that your parents are of different races which makes you two or more different races.  Instead of the typical affinity group, MRSU offers support in a different way, it offers the support of feeling understood. Being Multiracial means often feeling disconnected with both sides of your identity. MRSU is a new place for multiracial students to have real conversations about acceptance and common issues that are faced within the multiracial community. MRSU brings a new perspective to what affinity groups used to be. Affinity groups offer a space to feel accepted and share traditions within your culture. Although the affinity group does not have shared traditions, their club meetings are mainly discussion based, meaning there will be beneficial conversations held. 

Multiracial Student Union leader Ysa Sanchez ’25 feels very positively about MRSU becoming an affinity group. She said, “Multiracial student union is another addition to LFA’s dedication to providing a diverse environment that includes everyone.” In other words she feels that this new union gives those who are multiracial and don’t feel as if they fit in a single affinity group a place to feel like they belong. Sanchez added, “As a club, we aim not only to have a space for multiracial people but also to support other affinity groups as well.” 

The multiracial student population has long been partially recognized. Alex Stevenson, LFA’s  graphic designer and the faculty advisor of MRSU, stated, “We did not have a club like this [when I was a highschool student]; we were pretty much off the radar in terms of multiracial identity.” Also being pointed out by Stevenson, “It is something we have been missing and haven’t been realizing it,” multiracial students often face invisibility within their affinity groups. The MRSU can play a key role in advocating for a broader campus community and pushing for inclusiveness. 

The MRSU is planning to spread, “greater awareness of multi-racial students that are here at the school and give them another place to meet and belong,” said Stevenson. He shows curiosity in what the students come up with regarding future plans of this affinity group and would look for ways to support them. With the main goal of providing a supportive platform for multiracial students to explore and celebrate their multi-identities.

In the end, MSU is another great space for discussion to share common misconceptions and struggles happening among the multiracial students at LFA as well as their allies. 

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