Affinity Groups’ Role at LFA


Richard Zhang, Managing Editor of Digital

 Affinity groups are a staple of the LFA community. Being safe spaces for people who identify within them and feel like they belong within them, affinity groups also provide a setting for the sharing of cultures, traditions, foods, and ideas. Allies of those groups are allowed to join and be a part of affinity groups, but at times, affinity groups might decide to meet only with the people who are identified or belong in that affinity group, since they are still safe spaces for those who do identify. Discussion and collaboration between these affinity groups is commonly done within the MOSAIC. 

Formerly named the Cultural Diversity Club, MOSAIC is an united effort led by the Multicultural Prefects; this year Saanvi Malkani and Sajan Shah, that includes representatives from each affinity group in a cycle meeting to discuss how to support each other, events coming up, and any big issues that any of the affinity groups want to talk about with together. Specifically it is a way to increase understanding between affinity groups, have the leaders of their respective affinity groups communicate other groups’ events to their own groups, and allow larger affinity groups to help out smaller groups with planning or even running their events at times. In addition to this, the MOSAIC also holds a quarterly meeting with the Head of School Office and the Dean of Multiculturalism to discuss anything coming up, any issues about equity and inclusion on campus, and how faculty members could help support affinity groups. 

The Dean of Multiculturalism is Lusanda Mayikana, and she has held this role now for a number of years, as well as being a faculty member for 20+ years. Mayikana takes the role of supporting affinity groups, the MOSAIC, and any efforts for diversity and inclusion on campus. She works closely with the students, deans council, and head of school office to make sure that equity and diversity is met within the school community, and also reaches out to alumni to understand their experiences in the LFA community. 

This years presidents and vice-presidents/leaders are: Ariana Rashid, Mazin Awada, Alan Nigmetullin (Muslim Student Union), Advika Rangan, Anushua Srivastava, Yaelle Ortiz (South Asian Student Union), Franco Sovero, Xitlali Ocote-Arellano, Xitlali Ayala, Yaelle Ortiz (UNIDOS), Dayak Rosen, Juliette Hulsizer, Camryn Farbman (Girl Up), Beverly Fishman, Simon Weisserman, Sofya Vinokurova (Jewish Student Union), Richard Zhang, Cheryl Dao, Myke Chen, Bradley Ma, Heewoong Kim, Ruby Yan, Emma Ye, Andrew Wong, Jin Kwon, Daisy Zhang (Asian Culture Union), Sarah Daly, Evelyn King (Gay Student Alliance) Joie Smith, Tracey Liu (Harlow Society), Mark Rios, Yaseen Primus (Black Student Union), Anna Nikishina, Dasha Kuklina, Sofya Vinokurova (Eastern European Union).