Freshman and Senior retreats

T.J. Minsky, Staff Writer

Class of 2023 makes s’mores during their Senior Retreat.

Before the school year kicked off, both the freshmen class of 2026 and senior class of 2023 took part in  retreats. The freshmen class traveled to Bristol, Wisconsin, while the senior class traveled to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. These two-day retreats served as a great way to help each class make a stronger connection, respectively. 

The freshman class participated in activities on LFA’s campus before traveling 20 miles north to Boundless Adventures’ high ropes course in Wisconsin. Most of the students had never met each other, so the retreat was especially important for getting the school year off to a good start. 

Students could have been nervous, considering most that came to LFA were joining a new community. However, the LFA faculty did an excellent job of making sure it was not an awkward experience. When asked if the retreat was better than expected, Oliver Nettesheim 26’ said “It was definitely better than I expected because I was able to meet a bunch of new classmates and engage in fun activities.” He also added that “…the retreat did a good job of teaching us [the students] how to work in a team.” 

Around the same time, the senior class were participating in a retreat of their own at Covenant Harbor in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. They spent two days and one night participating in similar activities as the freshmen. Some of those activities included group discussions and bonding as well as gaga ball, canoeing, archery, and s’mores over a massive bonfire. Because the students weren’t allowed to bring any electronic devices on the retreat,  the class formed a closer bond. Students were given “free time” and during this time they weren’t inside on their phones but instead outside exploring the camp and participating in group activities. Finally to end the retreat, the entire class gathered around a campfire where stories and other memories were shared. 

Overall, it was great to see each class bond in different ways before the freshmen head into the beginning of a new chapter while the senior class looks to close off their high school career.