A Freshman’s Guide to LFA

Riya Kapoor, Managing Editor of Collaborations

What is one thing you wish you knew before you started high school? For many people, especially underclassmen, high school is one of the most difficult times to navigate. Between trying to make friends and balancing classes that are a big shift from middle school, students can get lost in the process. The Advanced Journalism class sent out a survey asking seniors what advice they wish they had before they started high school, and these were some of the responses: 

Anonymous: Your friends WILL change and that’s ok, but don’t get caught up in the drama. 

Anonymous: Make the most out of your time here. Don’t waste your time dwelling on the little things. 

Charles Kuhns: Don’t get bad grades in class, just do your homework and get good grades in them.

Tatum Young: Don’t wish time away. Your high school years go by so fast and you will miss the past one day, so slow down and take it all in. 

Emma Ye: Enjoy privileges to try anything in academic courses, such as electives, and you will figure out your interest of major. I have taken forensic science and anatomy, and I am really excited about taking biochemistry and Experimental Psychology in the following year. Those experiences brought me a broad perspective of the field of science, and my school life would be less exciting and challenging without taking these courses. Just go out of your comfort zone.

Raya Farage: Focus on the present and don’t stress over what is to come or what has already happened! Past is past and the future is inevitable- spending time worrying about everything but the present is a waste – enjoy the moment as much as you possibly can.

Montgomery Gold: Budget your time. You need sleep and in order to get that, good grades, and time to relax, you need to plan out your days and how you will spend them.  When you’re working on homework, commit to it to earn the free time that you’ll get once it’s done.

Anonymous: Show up to the school events even if you don’t feel like it because that’s when you meet new people, and the more you show up, the more you’re recognized by others. And you’ll find your home at LFA as soon as you start knowing everyone.

Mia Hernandez: Don’t be fake, surround yourself with people you really want to be with.

Lake Forest Academy’s 2022 all school photo taken by Dave Atas

Highschool is only 4 years, which may seem like a long time, but when compared to the bigger picture, it flies by. Take classes that challenge you, talk to people you usually don’t, start a club, or run for a leadership position. This is your time to explore your passions and opportunities before college, don’t let it slip away from you.