An under the sea dance

Nicholas Bisulca & Finn Harrison, Managing Editor of Photography and Senior Copy Editor

It would mean a yacht if you went to prom with me… Would you have sailed away to prom if someone asked you out with that boat pun? If it were me I wouldn’t really know… I’d have to wait and sea

Lake Forest Academy’s juniors, sophomores, and freshmen had their first prom on May 14. In recent years, LFA had to cancel prom because of the COVID pandemic, but finally, it’s back. During a morning meeting, it was announced to students and faculty that this years’ prom theme would be The Golden Age of Hollywood and that the venue was Spirit of Chicago. Cressey erupted with excitement when the Prom Committee walked up on stage, and enthusiastic chatter continued during the announcement video. Planning for prom was run by LFA’s Prom Committee which is composed of junior students, managed by Mrs. Vaughn. This year’s prom is so important because “for some students, even students in the prom committee, this is their first dance,” says Vaughn. A few of the things advertised by the Prom Committee were great food, a magician, and a red carpet for photos. 

LFA students and faculty alike can all agree that prom was a massive success even despite some corsages falling victim to a mosh pit. Prom Committee member Amelia Persons ‘23 recounts that “after three years, it was really amazing to see the whole LFA community collectively excited about an all school event, it definitely did not disappoint.” It would be impossible for prom to be anything but great given the shared excitement of students. The massive mosh pit and the smiling faces of students taking photos along a Chicago city skyline met the expectations of LFA’s community. 

Mazin Awada ’23 and Justinian Alexos ’23 celebrate with the crowd after performing their dance move. (Photo by Kendall Scales)

The overwhelming consensus that students enjoyed the event overshadowed the very few downsides, such as too few slow songs for sweetheart couples, a lack of a pizzazz from the magician, and bus 5 dropping off students at LFA an hour late. 

While Lucas Chamberlins 24’ backflip, and Justinian Alexos’ 23’ and Mazin Awada’s ‘helicopter’ dance move were incredibly impressive, we can all agree that nothing was more legendary than Akin Aboyade-Coles 22’ victory against trainer David Atas in their rematch dance battle from LFA’s 2019 prom.