LFA’ZZZ Best Places to Sleep


” Senior Aylin Tepe ’22 naps in Poetry Room”

Aylin Tepe, Co-Editor-in-Chief

School days can be tiring, and students often need a place to rest between classes. While boarders can return to the comfort of their dorm room for some shut-eye, day students (and Warner residents) face the adversity of school-induced lethargy. Fortunately for students, we’ve found many places at LFA where students can find rest, and have compiled a list of resting spots for day students and boarders alike to take advantage of during a free period. 


One resting area students are often spotted sleeping on the couches by the fireplace in Lower Reid. These couches are a hot-spot for students looking to collapse on after a tedious lecture or difficult exam. The fireplace adds an additional state of tranquility to help students doze off to the sound of synthetic burning embers.


If students are looking for a more secluded spot, look no further than the back of the library in Reid, under two portraits. Students will find two chairs facing one another and a long ottoman between them, where they can relax and kick their feet up.


The library is also home to the poetry room, which is located on the right of the library from the entrance. While many are unfamiliar with the official name for this photo-shoot-ready room located in the library, those who frequent Reid know it to be a fantastic place to sit and snooze among literary giants. 


Reid is nothing short of a treasure trove of resting places. as the red couches in Upper Reid are also comfortable resting places that students can find themselves snoozing on between classes. This is also one of the quieter locations where students can rest.   


If students are in Corbin, they might be interested in the black couches on the right side of Upper Corbin, as well as the ones on the left side of Lower Corbin. These spaces provide very comfortable options, but come with the downside of noise from foot traffic and exciting maths happening around them. 


The office chairs in Lower Korhummel are a less-popular contender on the list, as people don’t often stay in that area. The isolated nature of Korhummel serves to support the quiet aura of the office area and creates a haven for relaxation. 


Finally, if students are looking for a real bed to sleep on, they can always look towards their boarder friends and find a place to rest in one of their rooms. just remember to pay them back with some quarters so that they can wash the sheets.