Hobbies that are worth the effort and money!

Briana Murphy, Creative Director

With travel and contact with other people still limited due to COVID-19, it’s essential to take part in acts of self-care. While I’m sure there are many articles out there about ways to take care of yourself, oftentimes, one important tip is neglected — partaking in a hobby.

While hobbies are something that aren’t considered when talking about self-care, being enjoy something outside of the normal workload is very important. On top of this, hobbies are often only enjoyed for a select amount of time. It is disappointing to spend time and money on it.  Here are some cheap hobbies that can be easily taken up. 


1. Gardening

While it can be time-consuming depending on the size, gardening can provide relief in a day focused on screens.gardening is an easy hobby to take up especially when considering the possibilities of all the plants that could be grown, from miniature plants that can be stored near the bedside to giant apple trees planted in the backyard. There is   gardening for both the inside and outside environments and each pant is unique for the amount of care they need. It’s a time consuming, but its a worth it hobby.


2. Whittling 

This option requires patience, a little strength, and a certain level of responsibility. It is not exactly easy to pick up. However, the skill is fun to learn and doesn’t take much money to start-up. It’s important to note that no one under 14 should try to partake in this hobby as the shaper tools could be dangerous ti handle, however if possible start off with softer wood and blunter tools in order to practice. It’s an interesting hobby that can create unique gifts and knick knacks.

3. Calligraphy

After buying some pens and new notebooks, it’s easy to practice the art of calligraphy. Writing letters and creating beautiful inspirational posters can be a fun pastime. This hobby is useful in the sense of writing letter or even doing handmade project. Not only is it something that can be used to destress it has a practical use in life as well. 

4. Bullet journaling 

Journaling is a way to release built up tension, knowledge, or art onto paper and this hobby  can be a way to not only organize thoughts but also a way to write feeling and organize day to day life. It can help with schedules and add another point of organization to life or it can be a place to write down simple thoughts. These journals are all over Pinterest and Instagram and are a great way to destress.

5. Learn sign language 

Learning sign is once again not only a hobby but a useful skill to have in day to day life. It can help in situations in which there is a need for sign to be used. It’s also always good to have ways to express emotions non verbally. On top of that it’s often time hard to learn new languages due to the need of learning a new script and how to speak it. Sign is something that can be a bit easier to pick up on then a written language and studying sign is free.

6. Crocheting

Crafting things is always a good way to take up time and Crocheting is a fun way to do this. It’s fun to constantly learn new stitches and how to create different fun things like a sweater or a small wool toy. It’s something that people can spend a lot of time or a short time doing depending on the project and it yields something tangible for all the work. For smaller project this hobby is fairly cheap however it can become expensive when a lot of yarn is purchased at once.

7. Flower pressing

Flower pressing is oftentimes a forgotten hobby however its so easy and fun to take part in. Using a large book or even a paperweight flowers are pressed, dried, and used in a variety of different ways. The flowers can be used for decor, a journal on flowers or even a small gifts for others. Flower pressing is typically easier to do during the warmer seasons, but it can be enjoyable to see which plants in the winter can be pressed. 

8. Embroidery

Embroidery is a hobby that takes a lot of time to master and complete, however the end result is extremely satisfying. If theres a issue with having too much free time or if you like working with your hands this is the hobby for you. The time and money spent usually depends on the project however the materials are usually fairly cheap and easy to come across. The finished products can be used as gifts, decorations or even made into clothing.

9. Origami

Origami is something most people have experience with however the options for this hobby are endless. There are many different things that can be crated with origami other than a paper crane, but people ten to forget that. It’s possible to make functional toy card or small replicas of buildings. Spending time figuring out the different possibilities is fun a challenge to take on.

10. Urban sketching 

Urban sketching is personally my favorite hobby on the list despite it being last place on the list. It’s a realistic type of art where the artists sketches the view in front of them as close to reality as possible. It’s about capturing a snapshot of the worlds beauty. It can sketch of the city skyline or one of the nearest Starbucks. Either way it’s a good hobby for people who want to be able to destress with a very random schedule and not have to buy supplies. In this case the only materials necessary are some paper and a writing utensils.