Most popular Halloween costumes ranked

Kirstin Palasz and Mimi Osborne

Halloween costumes have been a staple for kids, teens, and adults all over the US, and finding the perfect one each year remains a challenge. Some costumes have been around for a long time, getting recycled by generations, while others have become more popular in recent years. There is no easy way to rate halloween costumes, as they all range from categories across a spectrum. In order to rank each costume, different criteria have been chosen and each costume has been meticulously ranked. The first criteria is how popular the costume is. On Halloween, if the costume is overseen, it becomes significantly less appealing. The next criteria is by the execution of the costume. Does it look like a sloppy wreck or could one clearly tell that there were many hours dedicated to make it perfect? The more effort, the better! These costumes look more original and authentic. Next is how scary the costume is. Halloween is supposed to be a spooky night riddled with horror and fright. The scarier a costume is, the more … well, it adds to Halloween. Lastly,the authenticity of the costume. Does the costume actually look like what the person is trying to achieve? The better it’s executed, the better it looks on Halloween night, and adds to its overall score. All of these factors were considered in the conclusive ranking of the most classic Halloween costumes. 




10. Princess 5/10 pumpkins.

We’d be shocked if, on Halloween, we saw any princesses other than Cinderella, Ana, Elsa, Bella, or Aurora. These are simply the most overdone halloween costumes for girls between the ages of five to eight-years-old. However, if you decide to dress as one of the more uncommon princesses such as Mulan or Merida, then this costume is very impressive. For these reasons, we have given the princess costume a ranking of 5/10.


9. Witch 6/10 pumpkins.

When you think of Halloween, you generally think of witches, ghouls, and ghosts, because of this, many children dress up as a witch for halloween. If done correctly and with effort, this outfit can be tremendous and eye catching. However, most people choose to wear the classic ‘party city’ outfits, and, quite honestly, these costumes get quite boring. 


8. Dinosaur 7/10 pumpkins. 

One of the most iconic 12-year-old boy Halloween costumes is the, you guessed it, inflatable dinosaur. Though this does provide a good laugh, the costume is not very practical and quickly overheats. The trick or treater can hardly see through the thick plastic and is susceptible to the classic “falling down a strangers steps with a bag full of candy” incident. 


7. Disco 7/10 pumpkins. 

Unleash your inner 80s disco-queen (or king) with your sequin bell bottoms and tank tops. This unique costume is worn mainly by pre-teen or teenage girls who are simply looking for a last minute costume with their group of friends. (We sincerely apologize if we just called you out).


6. Clowns 7/10 pumpkins.

“NO DON’T LOOK IN THE SEWER! AH! Well that wasn’t so smart now, was it?” – Mimi watching IT. Regardless of how terrifying any movie starring a clown is, this costume is a staple during Halloween. This costume received a perfect score on the fear factor, however it is simply too overdone. Despite this, a good last minute go to costume is the clown.


5. Superheros 7/10 pumpkins.

Avengers assemble for these Halloween costumes! This costume lies happily in the middle as, though overdone,  it can bring joy to the wearers and the fellow trick or treaters. Typical female superheroes include the heroic Superwoman and Black Widow, while the most used men’s costumes are Superman and Spider-Man. Use your powers and get some candy, everyone!


4. Harry Potter 7/10 pumpkins. 

Go get your wands from Olivanders and practice your spells,Wingardium Leviosa, fellow wizards because this costume is one of the highest praise on our ranking. Whether you decide to dress as a beloved Gryffindor or a feared Slytherin, this costume is good for trick or treaters of all ages. If done properly, your Hogwarts-inspired costume can turn heads wherever you walk. 


3. Vampire 9/10 pumpkins.

 As long as you are not portraying Edward Cullen or Bella Swan from the hit franchise Twilight, this costume can be very well executed. When time is dedicated to this outfit, the elegance yet terror of the vampire is truly something else. Despite being more mainstream, this costume is suitable for people of all ages.


2. Star Wars 10/10 pumpkins. 

Whether you decide to dress up as Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, or even Chewbacca, the Star Wars franchise costumes are sure to impress. If executed with precision, you can truly transform Earth into Tatooine or Hoth. If you’re looking for a way to dress your dog or cat, perhaps try R2D2 or C3PO. 


1. Carrot 10/10 pumpkins. 

The carrot is a costume with unexpected beauty. It’s sure to bring a smile to any trick or treater who will see it. Its rarity and originality is truly the deciding factors for this wonderful costume. After all, what’s orange and rhymes with parrot?


One dishonorable mention…


11. Cat 2/10 pumpkins.

If you decide to dress up as a cat, you might as well turn around and prance away because this is, to put simply, the most basic and simple choice one could wear. This particular costume is so overdone, and really just gives the impression of a lack of effort for the one holliday where one can dress up and not be judged. 


After a long consideration, these rankings feel like the best way to represent some of the most popular costumes this generation. Many children spend hours thinking about what they want to be for Halloween, but sometimes that decision doesn’t come with making the costumes the best they can be. Some children take the very literal route which can either go amazing or horribly executed. Some take the creative route and turn their costumes into a creative masterpiece or tragedy. These different routes lead to a hard decision, as all main ideas for costumes could be taken in many different ways. As Jack Skellington says in The Nightmare Before Christmas, “‘There’s only 365 days left until next Halloween!’”