Sky Wang’s take on personal space


Ramya Herman

By Ramya Herman

Managing Editor of Global

For those of you who weren’t able to experience Sky Wang’s work these past couple weeks or weren’t aware of it, he constructed a pop-up museum positioned in front of Cressey titled Personal Space. Each piece depicts an aspect of the topic in a different way and is just as meaningful and intriguing as the next.
The first piece, titled Reconstruction of Personal Space, is a commentary on how personal space can be created anywhere in this age through technology, such as listening to music or looking at your phone. Some of the pieces are meant to challenge the existence of personal space, while others are intended to encourage and embrace it. There are other works within the museum that are interactive, such as the couch that visitors can sit on where they will then be shown videos created by Wang that explore different aspects of the theme.
While there are many pieces of artworks within the pop-up that show Wang’s artistic abilities, he also sees the pop-up itself, something that he invested countless hours creating, as a testament to the beauty of personal space.
“The whole gallery space is an artwork to me. I spent lots of time and effort on it to make it outstanding and I did.”
He received lots of feedback from the display, with many people approaching him after viewing the work to discuss their own interpretations of the piece. The positive feedback he experienced had a contagious effect, manifesting itself in an added excitement for his pre-existent passion after he became aware of the impactful power that it possessed.
“Having people appreciate my work has empowered me to use my art to inspire more people…The feedback I got from my friends and others lit up a fire in me where I can now not only visualize my ideas, but also influence others through challenging their perceptions.”
While Wang has never formally studied art, he has had many different encounters with it by way of his father, who began exposing him to art galleries and different forms of art at a young age. His father, a fashion designer, is a big influence for Wang and his work, which is predominantly contemporary. Other sources of inspiration are pretty much everything, from his environment to his own imagination.
Wang has applied to Tisch School of Art in NYU, his dream school, with an intent to major in Interactive Media Art, the study of incorporating art into technology. With his ambitions set and his artwork well anticipated, it is clear that Wang has an amazing and beautiful future ahead of him.