David Sun ’19 wins LFA’s photography contest

David Sun 19 wins LFAs photography contest

Rachel Johns, Staff Writer

David Sun ‘19 won LFA’s 2019 photography contest. This is the first annual contest sponsored by LFA’s photography club. It’s an opportunity for students to express their creative spirits through the medium of photography. The Spectator wanted to gain a little more insight on this year’s winner through this Q and A.

How did you initially get into photography?

I just bought a camera, and then I bought a book. I didn’t really spend much time reading that book. I just started taking pictures whenever I wanted. There are people that love photography, and I went to do a photo shoot with them. That’s when I really started to get interested into photography.

Why did you want to join this contest?

I went on the APES trip, and we took a lot of amazing photos. I said “Why not?” when Carolyn Lu announced the contest. I thought that I might have the chance to win.

What has influenced your photography the most?

I follow some Instagram accounts that have really good photography. I try to learn how to take photos in certain ways that make the pictures look better. That’s how the Instagram accounts influence me.

What inspired your winning photograph?

It was very random. I was talking about it [the scenery] with some other people on the APES trip. I said “Oh my gosh. This is so beautiful. Maybe we should submit it to the photo contest.” I submitted on the last day of submission, because I didn’t know what the deadline was or what the process was like.

Where will you take your photography in the future?

Honestly I don’t know. I take photos for fun. Most likely, I’m just going to take photos whenever I feel like it.