Lake Forest Academy’s New Faculty Member


Jasmine Filawo and Lindsay Pearlman, Managing Photo Editor for Digital and Staff Writer

Tyler Madeley attended LFA from 2010 to 2014. After graduating from Lake Forest College, with degrees in English and Education, he decided to come back to as an English 9 and Speech teacher, and coach for Ice Hockey and Lacrosse.
Avril Pathak joined Department of History and Social Studies. He currently teaches World History II and AP Government and Comparative Politics, and lives on campus in Atlas’s dorm.
After working at Adlai Stevenson High School for 34 years, Denise Foster  transitioned to Lake Forest Academy as a new English factulty member. She teaches American Literacies, Junior AP English Language & Composition, and English 12: Language, Culture, and Identity.
Arman Banimahd joined LFA’s math department and not does he teach AP Stats and AP Computer Science, he has developed a few android apps and websites. He also is a soccer coach for JVB and one of the math teachers ready to assist students during Math Help.
Taylor Haist is now part of LFA’s Math Department and coaches boys and girls soccer.
Emily Kalis joined the LFA community as an Assistant Dean of Admission. She is also a dorm parent in Ferry hall and coaches JV Field Hockey and Varsity Lacrosse.
Alex Stevenson works in the Communications Departmet as Website Coordinator and Graphic Designer.
Erin English is now part of the Stuart Center for Global Leadership and works as the Stuart Center Office Manager.
Ingrid Valdez is part of the Stuart Center for Global Leadership and works as Stuart Center for Global Leadership Intern. She also coaches cheerleading.
Eric Ball worked for EFT was sent by LFA to train students in their athletism. Now he works as the Fitness Manager and works 12-8 everyday.
Katie Mirabeli works as the Assistant Athletic Trainer and also worked three years in a circus called Gamma Phi Circus. As assistant athletic trainer she assures that injuries are prevented and treated, and that rehabilitation, first aid, and emergency care are provided.