Caxynews Scavenger Hunt: Win Free Chic-fil-A Giftcards and Movie Tickets


Photo by Wikimedia commons

Win a giftcard to Chic-fil-A or movie tickets with the caxynews scavenger hunt will be hosting a website wide scavenger hunt. Phrases from different articles have been selected, and if a reader finds all of the phrases they can win either gift cards to Chic-fil-A or a free movie ticket. Only a few gift cards/movie tickets will be given out, and one per person. To win, email the Web Editors Nithin Reddy and Jacob Chagoya with the headline of the article and the accompanied phrase. Emails are and . Winners will be announced on the Caxynews twitter account.

Only one gift card/ticket per person. Contestants must find all of the following phrases. Keywords, not including this article, are as follows:
“4.5 out of 5” 
“Incredible comeback win”
“Their gift cards say ‘you deserve better.’” 
“I went home and napped. I was exhausted so I napped for maybe 45 minutes.” 
“Parents can monitor their children no matter where they are” 
“My Dad and I remove the supers from the hives” 
“ After hearing the news about the date change, I was distraught.”