Winter Formal: Changes Needed?


Photo by Noemi Cuesta

Duncan Ward, Dieter Villegas, and Andrej Hromic posing for photos before last year’s Winter Formal.

Jack Mahon, Staff Writer

Winter Formal is the second dance of the year at LFA. It always occurs in the first few months of the New Year.  It is unique from LFA’s other dances in that a girl usually asks a boy to the dance. However, Winter Formal seems to be “that other” dance with LFA students. Formal is sandwiched between Homecoming and Prom during the year, which hurts its appeal. Homecoming is highly anticipated by students because it is the first dance of the new school year, and for freshman, their first ever high school dance. Prom needs no introduction, and is the favorite dance for the majority of LFA students. Winter Formal, however, doesn’t carry the same appeal.

“I don’t really like Winter Formal because so many people leave after only like 20 minutes. In my opinion it isn’t worth the money,” said a sophomore who preferred to remain anonymous.

This opinion was echoed by more than a few students, which begs the question: how could LFA improve Winter Formal so that students would stay longer and enjoy themselves there? Based on feedback from LFA students, the most common aspects of formal that should be improved are its location and the music played.

“I think the location could use some improvement, other than that I think everything is fine,” said sophomore Mathias Long.

Winter Formal has always been held somewhere on campus, so a change in location looks unlikely for the time being. Tickets for Winter Formal are also usually cheap, around $10, which obviously would not cover the cost for an external location. For any change in location, ticket prices would have to be raised significantly.

“I haven’t been to [Winter Formal] before. I don’t really see the appeal, but if it was at a cool location outside of LFA I would probably go,” said junior Jacob Leib.

Raising ticket prices may be the way to go if it meant that Winter Formal would be housed at a site outside of LFA.