GSA basketball game proves to be a slam dunk

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The Gay-Straight Alliance Club hosted its third Student-Faculty basketball game on Friday, February 27th, in the Glore Gymnasium to raise funds for charities related to their mission.  The tireless efforts of the club, as well as the help of the LFA community members, guaranteed an unforgettable evening for the players and spectators alike.

“It was successful last year because students just love controversy and competition and the fact you get to play against your teachers, your coaches, and faculty members,” said one of the event coordinators and referee Brianna Sturkey.

The event required several weeks of planning and preparation to ensure a profitable evening and secure its position for the coming years.  This included the generous donation of food from community members willing to support the cause, including the usual offerings of the concession stands and an additional variety of baked goods and pizza, which served as the perfect compliment to the game action.

Spectators filled the gym bleachers to maximum capacity, and the overflow spread onto the baseline of the court.  The packed house created an electrifying atmosphere, and fans did not leave disappointed.

The game was incredibly close down to the last 14 seconds, with the students leading 54-52.  The two opposing teams teeter-tottered between victory and defeat, though it was ultimately the students who were triumphant, to the dismay of the teachers in the stands.  The leading scorers for the faculty included Math Teacher Paul Makovec and Admission Intern Will Hampton, while Seniors Isaiah Foust and Jake Stevens led the students.

Senior Lili Mae Kinney accredited the win to teamwork.

“We put everyone out there, and even though some of us were not as great as others, we really played as a team,” said Kinney.

The whole night represented Lake Forest Academy’s intense spirit and competitiveness, while also exhibiting the community’s commitment to helping others.

“It’s a really great way to bring the whole community together for a positive purpose, and I think with the help of the GSA we would love to make this an annual event,” said Faculty Coach Valerie Sorenson.  “I think next time we are going to beat the students.”