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  • February 15Enjoy the Long Weekend!
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The all-encompassing advice column enters 2024

Gold or silver– which type of jewelry?

Choosing gold or silver jewelry depends on your skin undertone; warm skin wears gold jewelry, and cool skin wears silver jewelry. The easiest way to determine what undertone you have is to look at your veins. If you have green or olive veins, you have a warm undertone. If they are blue or purple, you have a cool undertone. If it’s a mixture of colors then you have neutral undertones, and either metal color will work.

The wise words of a frog. (Courtesy of @rapunjjell on Instagram)

I think I’m addicted to the snack bar bagels and ramen– is there anything I can do?

Perhaps consider what you could’ve spent that money on instead– or the time, or the happiness, or truly anything. But also, eating bagels and ramen less could make the experience of eating it (more selectively) even greater :).


If I want to know how my kid thinks something is or was or sounds or tastes or feels, how do I get the answer to be anything other than “fine”.  How was your day?  Fine. I heard Harvard admitted you with a full ride scholarship even though you’re only a sophomore and never applied there – how did that feel?  Fine. 

It seems said kid is feeling particularly pithy in their responses. You’re already doing a great job asking them to elaborate or how they feel– perhaps swap out the “How” and ask the “What” or “Describe” such that they aren’t able to get away with one word answers. For practice, you could even urge them to reply in an AP Lang format. 


How do I keep myself motivated during the second semester? What should I look up to?

Only three more months…! In the beginning of next school year, definitely consider applying to Model UN for an exclusive multi-day stop at Chicago in February debating both pressing global issues and where to eat for dinner. Winter Formal and Prom are two other anticipatory events coming up, Avatar the Last Airbender (Netflix’s TV adaptation– not the cursed movie version) is releasing, and for seniors, we finally get to experience Casino Night. Keep a good balance between your academic and social life; you got this. 


Spring fashion recommendations?

According to our very trustworthy and exclusive insider-scoop from our Journalism class, we have determined layered flannel and button-ups from Uniqlo as key to a strong Spring start. If you want to invest in some long-lasting and pricier pieces, we also hear Lululemon t-shirts, Ralph Lauren, and/or Skims (no Balenciaga) should be considered. 


I have started 12 tv shows. How do I finish them? 

Time block. Monday is designated for shows 1 and 2, Tuesday for shows 3 and 4, etc. Remain dedicated, stay perseverant. Remember to consistently hydrate. 


Horror movies have left an imprint on my mind like no other; how do I recover from Annabelle?

Watch a comedy movie right after! It’ll cleanse you. Some of my favorites are: This Is Spinal Tap, Airplane, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail


Thoughts on new Percy Jackson show:

Your experience will depend on your familiarity with the books– the show certainly contains some changes. All in all, it’s light-hearted fun but the script occasionally hinders the characterization of the main trio with a stubborn need to always “say” and not “show”.


Short dresses for prom? 

The unspoken rule is that seniors wear long dresses, underclassmen wear short dresses. However, this is not set in stone, and opinions change from different seniors you talk to. Do what feels right to you, or rather, what seniors are threatening you with. 


I always wake up tired; how do I fix that?

Morning fatigue is very common, and can ruin your day. First thing you should do is ignore the snooze button. While it may be tempting, it breaks up your sleep cycle and causes unrestful sleep. Instead, try setting an alarm 90 minutes before you want to wake up, then one at the real time. This will allow your body to rise after the REM sleep stage. When you wake up, the first thing you should do is drink a glass of water, to wake you up and to start to nourish your body early. Get out of bed after that, and start your morning! 


Do you believe in the break-up season?

The larger question I wonder is “When” is break up season. Correlation doesn’t equate to causation– but I’m a firm believer in trends. 


Should we have Winter Formal royalty– who do I need to convince for it to happen?

Ela says no, but I think it could be entertaining. Petition to your student council! Though there should be a whole panel of possible titles, I’d love for someone to reign as court jester. 


How to build a skincare routine? 

If you want to create a skincare routine, look at what you would like to fix with your skin, and target that. Work to your strengths. If you like to sit in front of a mirror and take that time to relax, buy more cleansers and scrubs. If you would rather sit in bed and do your skincare routine, focus on moisturizers. Good luck!


What art class should I take as a non-art person?

Any of the introductory ones! The teachers are very accommodating and will help you find your inner artist along the way. 

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