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Rare Beauty: A precedent to inclusivity

Photo by @rarebeauty on Instagram.
Rare Beauty strives to channel that individuality is beautiful.

   Having been engaged in sports that emphasize maintaining physical aesthetics throughout my life, I was introduced to makeup at a remarkably young age. The deeper I delved into the world of beauty, the deeper my insecurities took root. At a susceptible age to the need for social acceptance, I experimented with a wide range of makeup brands, observing the evolution of established brands and the quiet departure of others from store shelves.

   The beauty industry has historically been a vector for reinforcing cultural norms, where a multitude of unrealistic standards are modified day by day. In a world where beauty often dictates conformity and insecurity, Selena Gomez’s makeup brand Rare Beauty emerges as a beacon of inclusivity, empowerment, and self-expression. Founded on the principles of embracing individuality and diversity, Rare Beauty aims to foster a community that celebrates uniqueness.

   Deriving the name from Gomez’s own song “Rare” and her personal tattoo as a symbol of imperfection and the acknowledgment of self-worth, Rare Beauty launched through their official website on September 3, 2020. Despite her immense success, talent, and social media following, Gomez reveals her own vulnerabilities and battles with mental health. Emerging as more than just a celebrity cosmetic brand, Rare Beauty is a platform for authenticity and the celebration of our differences. Expanding internationally to other countries in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, the brand has been a catalyst for social change by challenging harmful stereotypes and promoting an inclusive definition of beauty through their diverse employment of models and ambassadors.

   Alexandra Zhu ‘26, a three-year consumer of Rare Beauty states, “Despite the various makeup items this brand produces, the quality and packaging of their products have always been top-tier. I’ve used the skin tint for 2 years and still haven’t run out.” Other products, like their Soft Pinch Liquid Blush, utilize a thoughtful design that is particularly beneficial for people with disabilities, as their wide applicator allows for easier grip control for those who struggle with fine motor skills and dexterity.

   Ella Froberg ‘26, another three-year supporter of Rare Beauty states, “My gravitation towards their products started due to my family’s advocation for cruelty-free goods, as I have always aligned my consumerism with my own morals.” In addition to the company’s environmentally friendly products, its philanthropic efforts aim to support various mental health initiatives. The Rare Impact Fund aids organizations that provide resources and advocacy for underserved communities, giving individuals access to mental health services in educational settings.

   As Rare Beauty continues to pave the way for inclusivity and representation, it sets a powerful precedent that demonstrates that beauty knows no boundaries by redefining beauty standards with confidence.

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