Andrew Tate: Kickboxer turned “Top G”

Quinn Knight, Senior Editor

Tate poses for a photograph on a boat. (Photo by Creative Commons)

Most adults don’t know who he is, but anyone with social media is familiar with the name Andrew Tate. Tate, “the top G” as he calls himself, has been making waves across social media. His views and opinions are seen as controversial to some and revolutionary among others. He is infamous for having very misogynistic views and claims that women belong in the home, should be unable to drive, and are the property of men. He runs a pyramid scheme with his brother, Tristan, and has made millions off the business.  

His rise to fame wasn’t by chance, but rather because Tate and his fans supply various  mainstream platforms with clips of himself which can be seen as controversial to generate the most views and attention.  This method along with Hustlers University, his course that teaches about how to make money in stocks and crypto, has “manipulated the algorithm” of the mainstream platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. This causes Tate to reach large numbers of people through these apps. 

People have been distraught over the things Tate says in his short podcast clips on podcasts such as the Full Send Podcast. A woman tells The Guardian  that her boyfriend’s attitudes and opinions have changed tremendously after watching Andrew Tate’s videos. Tate’s misogynistic views push his profile further and further through the algorithm as these views are eye catching to most people. Any social media platform you look at will probably feature an Andrew Tate snippet of him making comments about being more masculine, or him being critical toward women. Many say that his rise to fame has coincided with his pyramid scheme business: Hustlers University. H.U. is a subscription based course with the objective of promoting Tate across social media while in return you learn about how to make money in the world today. 

On  social media platforms, young kids are the main viewers of these types of videos, which can be detrimental to their developing attitudes and values . Tate’s misogynistic and controversial views are against TikTok’s terms of service,but they seem to be lenient with Tate as he is a very popular figure on the platform. 

In late August, Tate was banned from social media platforms  due to violating the community guidelines of the majority of the apps. All accounts involving Tate content were also banned, which begs the question of what took them so long? Tate has been dominating social media for months now and it took these platforms until August to ban him. They remarked that his misogynistic views stepped over the line of what is deemed acceptable by the terms of service as TikTok calls it a “hateful ideal”. Social media platforms need to treat all their creators equally and not just let the ones who generate the most revenue slide.  

Tate’s social media fame seems to be short-lived, and who knows if we’ll hear the name Andrew Tate or “ Top G” again for a while.