Seniors, college, and time management

Jared Felitto

By Jared Felitto

Managing Editor of Sports


Well, it’s that time of the year again for seniors. After all the stress and tense few weeks leading up to the November 1st deadline, seniors can now hopefully get the weight off their shoulders. Many seniors, my self included, have had days when they feel bombarded with school work. It’s hard to grind out your school work knowing you have supplements waiting for you when you finally get that school work over with; however, do I think seniors get too much homework around the early decision and early action deadline? No, I don’t believe so.
The college process is an inevitable process that Lake Forest Academy students must endure. As big of a nuisance that it is, there’s simply no way around it. I find it comical when seniors who load up on AP’s for their senior year, making sure they tell everyone how many they are taking, constantly complain about how much work they are receiving. Really, what did they expect? That teachers are suddenly supposed to accommodate your needs and give you no homework? If seniors signed up for all these AP’s then they should’ve known that you aren’t just coasting during the months leading up to November first. School doesn’t stop for the college process, nor should it.
All of this relates back to a core principle that’s been emphasized since freshman year: time management. Such an amazing concept yet some seniors have a hard time implementing it. LFA’s unique scheduling system with their A-G cycle allows students to break out of the monotony of school; however, besides having first period off and late starts, the schedule allows students to have time to get work done. In essence, don’t complain about supplements and homework when you can get a decent amount done during free periods.

Finally, one last thing that all seniors should understand is that not many people, if anyone, care about your grades, test scores, AP classes, and where you are applying to school. Because, guess what? The college you go to isn’t indicative of how you will do in life (to some extent). If you’re an exceptional student and you end up at some elite institution, your life isn’t set in stone. At college, you have to perform. The cachet of a school can only take you so far- remember that.