New paint in Science Center pods an Upgrade?


Sydney Olinger, Staff Writer

  The science pods have recently been upgraded to have dark gray paint on the lower half and white expo on the top half, but is it really an UPgrade?  Although the idea of the contrast in paint color was to keep students from mistakenly writing on what was not expo paint, but plain white paint, it is a very different look and pattern from the rest of the newer school renovations.  The pods in Corbin also have this same issue with students writing on the wrong white paint, but the paint remains the same in the Math wing.  So the Science Center has dark gray and expo paint, clearly not going with the color patterns of the school, and Corbin still has one expo wall and one plain white wall.  Here is a genius solution that would be no more expensive than having to paint over with new white paint on marker mistakes: paint all sides of the room with only expo!  This way the standard white color of all the walls school would remain, we wouldn’t have two random science rooms painted with dark gray, and students and faculty wouldn’t have to worry about writing on the wrong paint.  We will eventually become accustomed to this enormous change in the science building and really in our entire school decor, but until then don’t write on the wrong walls in Corbin.