Atlass Bonding Experience

Seongsik Joseph Kim, Staff Writer



   It is most often believed that boarding students don’t have much freedom and have a hard time having fun. This may be partially true, as they need to sign out wherever they go and sign in in their rooms before 11 PM, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t have fun or bond with each other.

In the recent years, the Atlass Hall dormitory has put in various new additions such as PS4s and most recently the foosball table.

William Wan, senior proctor in Atlass Hall, describes, “Atlass has certainly stepped up in creating activities for its boarders this year, we have created Quad Wars every week; in these events the 4 different Quads of Atlass compete in various events. We try to diversify our events as much as we can, from Dodgeball to Fifa on the PS4.”

These fun activities the students at Atlass participate in prevents them from splitting up into smaller groups and being isolated. It really helps bring the whole dorm together according to Wan.

One of the new additions to the Atlass Hall, the foosball table also showed to really unite the Atlass community. It adds a physical activity the students in the dorm can easily access, and physical activities are often one of the best ways for male students to bond with each other. Instead of being locked inside their rooms all afternoon, they come out and enjoy a small fun game of foosball.


Milo Green, a senior at Atlass Hall, states, “The fooseball table is real fun. I think it definitely encouraged people to not stay in their rooms.”

With all the competitive activities going on there definitely are some star players for each event. “There are definitely individuals in Atlass who get recognition for the events they excel at: foosball, Fifa, Billiards, even Popcorn dropping,” said Wan. “With the variety of events we hold each week, its hard to pin down star players of the dorm, because everyone excels in something, no one is the best at everything.”

Meanwhile Green adds with confidence, “I am the star player!”