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Dormdash: A way to exchange different items for food

Photo by @thedormdasher on instagram
Photo of the new dormdash flyer

Dormdash was introduced for students who face challenges of dorm ordering policy and the increase in costs of foods. Dormdash is a unique initiative that allows students to trade various items for food. Whether it’s exchanging a pack of ramen for a t-shirt or rewarding completed homework with a delicious meal, DormDash provides a creative solution to the constraints of dorm regulations. Boarding students can not order food after 7 pm on weekdays, and can only pick up from Crown. Due to these restrictions, students came up with the idea to make DormDash. It stemmed from the realization that ordering food can be expensive, and the new dorm policy disallowed students from placing orders after 7pm. To solve these conflicts Enos Zaah ‘25 created a platform where students can trade everyday items for essential sustenance. The concept is a simple exchange; it promotes a lifestyle where students can depend on DormDash for their daily needs. 

Enos Zaah ‘25, when asked about his goal for dormdash, he said that he wants to, “bring students together” by promoting DormDash.  He added how dormdash allowed Students to meet up and exchange goods having a good time bonding as a community. He wishes this benefit could be continued and is looking forward to all dorms taking advantage of DormDash and utilizing DormDash for everyone’s good.

DormDash also presents a variety of options students can choose from. Starting from ramen which varies from cheese, seafood, lobster, and Shin to snapples and even cookies. 

One notable aspect of DormDash is its connection with the student council (StuCo). Beyond being a platform for trading items for food, DormDash aligns itself with the broader school community. StuCo Dorm Dash takes the initiative a step further by selling popular food items like Wendy’s, and contributing profits to the prom committee. This collaborative approach not only addresses the financial concerns of individual students but also contributes to the collective goals of the student body.

As DormDash gains traction, Zaah envisions a future where every dorm on campus benefits from this innovative platform. The initiative has already garnered positive feedback, especially from Warner, with students appreciating the affordability and community-building aspects. DormDash is more than just a practical solution to food constraints; it represents a new way for students to support each other, fostering a sense of solidarity in the face of common challenges.

As the platform expands, DormDash has the potential to become an integral part of the LFA boarding experience. Zaah added how he wants to shape a lifestyle where students can rely on this innovative exchange system for their daily needs.

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