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Zach Youn: How many more records is he going to break?

Zach Youn waiting for the whistle

As we head into spring athletics in LFA, this past winter season was filled with various achievements that LFA athletes have made. Boys Swimming, in particular, made some vast advancement as a team. Ending up as third place overall in the ISL, Boys Swimming wrapped up their season wonderfully. Zach Youn’ 26, one of the most talented swimmers in the team, has made a lot of achievements by breaking several LFA records. Earning the MVP for Boys Swimming the previous year, Youn has already shown great potential as a sophomore that will lead LFA’s  swimming team. Mainly comfortable with the freestyle, Youn is confident in performing all four strokes. Breaking 6 records in total, the 100 butterfly, 100 freestyle, 200 freestyle, 200 and 400 freestyle relay, and the 200 medley record, Youn has made achievements that has placed the team in a great place.

Youn is from a small town in Cincinnati, Ohio. His family moved around a lot when he was young, and he lived in different places, learning a lot of good experiences on his way. One thing he picked up was swimming. According to what he said, “Fish are born fish.”, Youn was naturally into swimming when he was 2 years old, and as he started it, his interest got deeper seeing the progress he made throughout his career. He was breaking records in the Mercy Anderson Health Center and was recommended by his coach to pursue a competitive swimming career.  

When time came for Youn to choose a highschool to go and pursue his swimming career, Tom Johnson, the head coach of boys swimming contacted Youn’s family in order to get Youn to join the LFA swimming program. Youn’s parents thought it was a great opportunity for Youn to keep on pursuing his swimming career and also get high quality education in LFA. Youn carries both club swimming and the school winter season swimming at the same time. He thinks it is pretty tiring to carry both responsibilities, but he is willing to give it all he got in order to continue his swimming at the next level. 

For Youn, swimming means a lot to him. “Swimming chose me, and I chose swimming.” Swimming washes away all the stress and burden in his life. After a bad day in school, he just goes in the pool and starts the grind, feeling comforted and relaxed leaving his body with the flow. 

As he waits for the next winter season, his goals for the next season is to “win a lot.” He would only take wins and no losses. Youn is planning to wipe out the records on the board, and he says he “will get there by senior year.”

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