Good food, good times: Food Truck Month comes to an end

Hunter Wolff, Editor in Chief



This month has been “Food Truck Month” at LFA. Going to a food truck is a fun way for students, day and boarder, to come together and share some delicious food. “Food Truck Month” at LFA allows for students to broaden their taste buds and try new foods, an alternative to eating foods that Hutch offers on a regular basis. With four trucks coming to campus this September, all differentiating in what type of food they offer, LFA saw a variety of delicious choices pull up to campus. The Windy City Patty Wagon (burgers), La Adelita (tacos), Toasty Cheese (sandwiches), and Yum Dum (Asian fusion) were the options available to students throughout the month.

Toasty Cheese’s cheese filled sandwiches were the perfect meal the brisk night

“A Food truck is a beautiful thing. The food is so good and its not expensive at all for the quality of food they serve,” said junior food enthusiast Jack Zhong. “It brings the people together to enjoy good food and gives us another option besides hutch.”


Junior Xavier Hu enjoys his tacos at the La Adelita truck.

Lines formed for each truck, with waits ranging from 15 minutes to 30 minutes, getting to the food truck a few minutes early ended up going a long way and was a huge time saver. It was incredible that the trucks were able to cook so many orders in such a small space and in a timely matter. The longest wait was only about 10 minutes.

A closer look at the perfection that is Toasty Cheese.

Each food truck was unique and delicious in its own way. However, there were some meals that stood out. La Adelita combined spicy and cool flavors in their mini tacos. Wrapped inside a corn tortilla were steak (grilled perfectly with a spicy marinade), onion, lettuce, tomato, cilantro and guacamole. The combination of the spicy meat and the cool vegetables was a perfect balance for the pallet. On the side came an order of chips and guacamole.

La Adelita provided customers with a colorful array of food.

Another truck that stood out was the return of Yum Dum. Yum Dum was a favorite of many students last year and again this year it returned to deliver students with more tasty Asian flavors. The “sampler” option, included a little bit of everything Yum Dum has to order. Six pork pot stickers wrapped in thick dough, two bao filled with chicken and pork, and four rice balls on the side were part of the menu option. The thick dough in the pot stickers and bao buns were a highlight of the Yum Dum experience. However, not only was the doughy goodness the only highlight, the pork belly meat and Korean breaded chicken on the inside were cooked to perfection. The pork was tender, with fat still on the meat, and the chicken was crispy, making for a great balance of textures and flavors.

“The school is really smart they put Yum Dum as the last truck because it’s the best truck,” said Zhong. “I had the Pork Bao; the bun is sweet and fluffy and it’s just the perfect density. When you bite into it, it just breaks so easily. The pork fat just melts in your mouth and has great flavor.”

It’s sad to see the end of “Food Truck Month” at LFA. However, hopefully there will be another one planned in the spring, similar to last year. All the students love the food trucks, and it would be great to see more come and on a more regular basis.

“They should bring in food trucks more often, especially for the boarders because they offer foods that Hutch doesn’t offer; you get more variety,” said Zhong.