Cressey renovations: print supplement


Photo by Photo Courtesy of The Lake Forster

Lighting and sound is an instrumental part of student productions in Cressey, along with the many other purposes the space is used for.

In this year’s annual Spring Gala, the Parents Association raised $548,925 for the improvements of Cressey’s lighting, sound, and projection systems.

The Gala theme, “Heartbeat of LFA,” highlighted how Cressey is used for many purposes to gather students for a variety of events. A student piano duet and Vox mash-up song were performed in Cressey after funds were raised from the Dutch auction.

Production Manager Mr. Joseph Koenig designed the Cressey project. Koenig works with Cressey equipment and specializes in theater technology.

Along with better sound and lighting quality, the new installations will allow student stage managers more control over the shows. Cressey’s current equipment is characteristic of 1970s technology. However, the new Cressey equipment will be state-of-the art.

“The renovations will allow us to provide movement in shows and create more interactive scenes,” said Junior Stage Manager Maggie Meyer.

Koenig is looking forward to the installations as well.

“The space now has some limitations. But, with the new equipment, the space will be exceptional,” said Koenig

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Camera Equipment

Audio Equipment

Lighting Equipment

Theater Control System