Fashion highlights from the 2023 Grammy Awards


Photo by Courtesy of @elleusa on Instagram

Italian rock band Maneskin poses on the Grammy red carpet.

Nghi Doan, Managing Editor of News

It’s that time of year again- the Grammy Awards season is upon us once more, and as always, the red carpet was filled with a plethora of stunning ensembles. From bold and vivid colors to timeless Hollywood glamor, most of our favorite artists didn’t disappoint. However, there were also a few misses among the hits. So, let’s take a look at who sported the top-notch and terrible attires at the 2023 Grammy Awards.

Doja Cat poses on the Grammy red carpet. (Photo by Courtesy of @elleusa on Instagram)

  One of the standout ensembles of the night was worn by Maneskin, the Italian rock band, donning coordinating Gucci outfits, giving the classic aesthetic of the fashion house without the implementation of the overused monogram print. Steve Lacy looked sophisticated and refined in Anthony Vaccarello’s Saint Laurent outfit serving classic with a twist. At the same time, Doja Cat’s off-the-runway single-sleeved black vinyl Versace dress with a lengthy train and accompanying gloves show the brand’s true colors instead of the gold essence in clothing typically seen in their ready-to-wear line. Kim Petras and Sam Smith, accompanied by many famous Drag queens, also arrived in matching showy red Valentino apparel, complete with a cane and topper in the same hue committing to the energy of his new music video. Cardi B stole the show with her enchanting azure gown from Gaurav Gupta’s high-end Spring/Summer 2023 strutting down the red carpet.   

   This season, vivid colors and bold, striking accessories were a major trend on the red carpet, with celebs making a statement through their clothing selections. From classic all-black outfits to vivid blue and red hues, it’s clear that these stars weren’t afraid to take risks. Mary J. Blige’s glimmering gilded dress and Sam Smith and Kim Petras’ eye-catching red Valentino ensembles were also a testament to this trend. Celebrities like J.Lo, Lizzo, and Parrell Williams were seen embracing bold jewelry on the red carpet, expanding the extravagance of the event. 

   Of course, as with any fashion event, there were also a few misses. Blac Chyna’s plumaged leotard was seen by many as a bit too much of a statement, while Coco Austin’s sheer dress, completely adorned in silver sequins, also missed the mark. Shania Twain’s black and white polka dot pant suit brought some amusement and grandeur to the carpet, but it wasn’t enough to make her shine. Finally, while Mary J. Blige’s sparkling golden dress was stunning, it didn’t quite do it for many. These outfits collectively used overdone prints, colors, or silhouettes that don’t make them appealing or even appropriate for these occasions, making them not judged highly by the critics.

Harry Styles poses on the Grammy red carpet. (Photo by Courtesy of @elleusa on Instagram)

Even some of the biggest names in the music industry were not immune to the occasional fashion faux pas. Harry Styles, known for his bold and daring fashion choices, shocked many by showing up in a dazzling, multi-colored jumpsuit that left some people puzzled. Pharrell Williams’ too-bright and gaudy red and brown ensemble were also seen as a miss by some.

   All in all, the fashion at the 2023 Grammy Awards was remarkable and show-stopping. These stars used their ensembles to make a statement and shine on the red carpet, whether it was with vivid hues, timeless Hollywood allure, or striking assertions. Some individuals’ fashion decisions were triumphant, while others were not. In any case, the Grammy Awards season continues to be a highlight of the year for both superstars and fashion admirers.