Squash Team Makes Nationals Appearance


The squash team stands in front of LFA’s famous bell.

T.J. Minsky and Jake Powers

When most people think of sports that are highly competitive, flashy, and entertaining, they most likely do not think of squash. However, the 2022 LFA squash team proved that squash can fill those adjectives. The LFA squash team had a phenomenal season to say the least—all the way from the regular season to postseason play, the team only lost twice. 

To start the regular season, they defeated teams such as Latin School of Chicago, Lake Forest, Beacon Academy, University of Chicago Lab School (UCLS). The regular season success of the team led them to earn and accept an invitation to the 2022 National Squash Championships, located in Philadelphia. At nationals, they competed in a bracket pool with similar skill level teams from around the country. Nationals was not easy for them as they had to overcome the obstacles of playing against some of the fiercest competition in the United States. Yet, they still finished with a 2-2 record and took fourth place in their pool. 

One of the captains of the squash team, James Christoph ‘22, said that, “the team learned that squash is more of a team sport even though it seems like an individual sport at times. We realized chemistry was much needed if we wanted to go far.” Chemistry between the team developed mostly during nationals as the team had to travel together and spend more time together. 

The team had many great experiences throughout the winter season. One of the best moments was when they won their conference. The team came into the tournament and dominated it from the start. A lot of their success can be attributed to their team work and coach Darius Ivaska. This experience goes to show how quickly the team bonded despite almost all of them having never played squash together before this season. 

For such a record, it seems only logical that squash becomes more known around LFA, for both their accomplishments and many students’ general lack of interest in squash. As squash player Alex Petrini-Poli ‘23 said, “Squash is a cool sport, I swear.” So next squash season, here at LFA, make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled and remain attentive. Who knows? Squash could be your new favorite viewing sport.