Spider Man No Way Home: A Marvel moment


Photo by IMDb

A perfect action photo captures Spider Man No Way Home.

Isabela De Jesús, Editor in Chief

After Sony bought the rights to Spiderman, the Marvel fandom was crushed. Would we ever get a Spiderman film again? Hopes and prayers were answered after the announcement of the third film in Tom Holland’s Spiderman trilogy: Spiderman: No Way Home. Anticipation grew until the release on December 17th, and expectations were met and exceeded. The release made No Way Home the eighth highest grossing film of all time, making an incredible 1.5 billion dollars. But the success is not only in the money, but also in the film itself. 

Director Jon Watts and Producer Kevin Feige maintain perfect balance between humor, action, and emotion that keeps the viewer entrenched in the world. Tom Holland nails his portrayal of Spiderman once again, keeping his playful charm from the previous movies while adding depth to his acting. His co-stars Jacob Batalon and Zendaya’s performances are also remarkable. The chemistry between the trio brings an authenticity and beauty to the film that was missing in the previous two movies. Their characters also have a chance to develop more. (WARNING: spoilers ahead) 

The plot of the film on paper may seem strange, every person from different universes who knows Spiderman coming into one universe? But in reality, it does work. With the addition of Doctor Strange, the audience gets an explanation of the multiverse, and alludes to the Doctor Strange movie coming soon. Most importantly is the way the film brought back villains and heroes from the original Spiderman movies. Getting to see Doc Ock’s arms in current CGI, hearing the iconic Wilhem DeFoe’s Green Goblin laugh again, and feeling the power of the Sandman through groundbreaking audio. Seeing the villains we grew up watching get to have their time on screen again, especially all together, was truly magical.

Not only did the villains have their revival, so did Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. Every person has their own attachment to their favorite Spider-Man, and seeing them all have their on screen moment again was incredible. Being able to see Andrew Garfield get a revival after he did not get a trilogy was the redemption arc we all needed. The brotherhood portrayed by the three is palpable. Their banter is so well written, but mostly improvised according to the actors. Their scenes together just feel natural. The moment in which Holland thanks his two predecessors towards the end of the film was such a genuine moment of legacy and gratitude.

As Kyle Koncz, Assistant Dean of Admissions and full time Marvel fan, says perfectly, “it [the film] gives me confidence that Marvel can continue to tell unique, exciting, and meaningful stories while still honoring the past”. No Way Home is a beacon of hope for the future of the Marvel franchise, a film for the fans that shows exactly what the universe can do.