SWIPE: Paperless Post adds a flare of creativity to the Evite game


Aban Yaqub, Senior Features Editor

A charming new card-sending app is floating around the App Store, Paperless Post, and it has completely amped the Evite game. The quaint feel of creating and sending stationery in today’s swiftly evolving world of technology is available on the app platform, and the outcome is nothing short of impressive. The app is nearly effortless with the vast amount of customizing options, taking users through a step-by-step process from card customizing to sending.


  • First, users can browse through chic card options. With creative templates delivered by renowned designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Jonathan Adler, and Kate Spade, the designs are unique to each respective designer’s talent, reflecting the artistic ability of each under a new light.
  • Paperless Post provides a wide variety of card types, ranging from thank you notes to birthday and get-well-soon wishes, and simply to greetings. Users of Paperless Post are given the option of including an envelope to preface the card, which are just as creatively crafted.
  • The app has set forth its own coin system from which users can purchase cards and envelopes. Upon registering, users are given 35 coins to start off with. Each card costs up to 4 coins per guest.
  • “The artwork is really unique,” commented. Natalie Nunez.


  • Of course, the templates are available at the disposal of the user’s choice. While they exist to spur creativity for the user, they also stand as a suggested jump start to the card-creating process.
  • The format customizing is so personally attuned to the app user’s preference that they can alter details like margins and font shapes, sizes, colors, and positioning. Cards can be saved as drafts for reference or future use.
  • “I would definitely be up to try it,” said Donna Chen.


  • When considering RSVP, the app is incredibly smooth and accessible. As hosts compose their guest list, which is composed of the guest name and email, each entered guest name is then automatically saved for later in the app’s contacts book.
  • The guest list is then divided into four categories that notify the host of whether the card has been,delivered, opened, or bounced, and for invitations, declined or accepted.
  • When a card is sent, each guest receives a link to the invitation, which then opens a presentation to the card. Recipients can then swipe to view the card, and rotate it as well to view both sides.
  • “I think it’s a great and useful idea,” said Darlene Ineza.


Whether entertaining a fascination with graphic design or simply wanting to say hello with sweet notes, Paperless Post is a clever way for hosts to meet halfway between creatively formal and casual.