Date Night: Football and Froyo

The LFA v. Libertyville football game and Suzy’s Swirl frozen yogurt made a perfect fall night

Amanda Bozorgi and Allison Hechtman


Nothing quite says fall like a Friday night football game under the lights, and frozen yogurt is the perfect complement to any evening. However, as the nights get cooler that frozen yogurt may have to be swapped out for some hot chocolate, although we personally believe that frozen yogurt is acceptable in all seasons and all times of day.

Although the football team sadly did not bring home a victory that night, the evening was still exciting and entertaining.

There’s no better way to unwind after a tedious week of last period doubles and twenty page readings than screaming your lungs out and dutifully following the cheerleaders’ orders of, “jump! Shake your booty, jump jump!.” Something about the act of yelling until your voice is hoarse and dancing like a fool in front of the entire Libertyville swarm makes it somehow okay that there’s a paper due on Monday that you haven’t even started.

As LFA students slapped orange paint onto themselves and some ungrateful bystanders caught in the splash zone, it was clear that a football game is the perfect way to end a week. The general bubbling of enthusiasm and elation was infectious, and we left the stands with a light and happy mood.

Frozen Yogurt

As we weighed dinner and snack options to close the night, frozen yogurt was the obvious choice. It’s delicious, can be found on almost any corner of any street, and we like to pretend that it has some health benefits.

For convenience, we visited Suzy’s Swirl in Lake Bluff, just north of LFA off of Waukegan. Red Mango was also an option, as it is located in Libertyville near the high school, but Allison has some kind of personal vendetta against Red Mango and the yogurt that they sell.

Suzy’s boasts an impressive collection of not only self-serve yogurt, but also gelato and lactose-free sorbetto. We took full advantage of the sampling cups that Suzy’s offered to try almost every flavor, because choosing one’s frozen yogurt flavors is a process that involves deep thought and intense personal reflection.

The toppings, which we argue are just as important as the yogurt itself, left little to be desired. The fruit was fresh and ripe, although there could have been a little more variety. The options were limited to mango and blackberries. However, this was made up by the fact that Suzy’s is the proud owner of a collection of sprinkles. Yes, a collection.

By now our cups of yogurt were feeling sinfully heavy, but we surely burned off a lot of energy cheering for our football team. A little more cookie dough on top couldn’t hurt.

The yogurt hit the spot perfectly, and the night was still warm enough to enjoy the frozen treat on the outdoor patio. Football and froyo was a wonderful night out.