Godzilla vs Kong: A review

Godzilla vs Kong hit theaters on March 31, 2020.

Photo by Warner Bros.

Godzilla vs Kong hit theaters on March 31, 2020.

James Kuhns, Managing Editor of Podcasts

Ever since the first Godzilla movie aired in Japan over 60 years ago, top studios around the world have wanted to sink their teeth into the slightly worn-out yet adrenaline pumping Godzilla franchise. Previous Godzilla movies saw great opening weekends, so it was no surprise the most recent installment of the franchise, Godzilla vs Kong, surpassed all expectations and profits. 

Amidst a global pandemic, Hollywood has been struggling to gain traction on its latest movies. After Christopher Nolan’s Tenet saw abysmal turnouts for opening weekend, it seemed that the world was not ready to return to movie theatres. With the impending release date of Godzilla vs Kong, it seemed only a miracle could help the movie perform to its full potential. However, with the help of the internet and some serious marketing, Godzilla vs Kong has topped the box office worldwide. 

Following the journey of an orphaned girl who has an inhuman connection to the gargantuan ape Kong, this movie takes the viewer on a wild action filled adventure. After being labeled as the hero in his last few films, Godzilla takes on a new role, one of barbaric dominance and villainy. While this idea of king vs challenger does play a large role in the movie, the rude interjection of the nasty Apex Cybernetics corporation sees the two giants pair up to fight a common enemy in the end. 

Diving deeper into the flick, there are some beautiful special effects, but also some downsides, such as a lack of character development. Then again, how much can you really expect in character development from a movie so obviously tailored to please the eye? Godzilla vs Kong boasts some impressive visual effects.Whether it’s a panning shot of Kong in the other worldly titans den “Hollow Earth”, or the classic battle scenes surrounded by crumbling skyscrapers, it is no wonder the movie gained record traction.

Infact, when compared to the total grossing of Nolan’s Tenet, which released six months prior to the release of Godzilla vs Kong, Godzilla vs Kong has already grossed over 50 million more than Tenet. While this success may come from the hype surrounding the franchise, Godzilla vs Kong’s 406 million dollar box office domination can partially be attributed to its release onto HBO Max, a popular streaming service which no doubt helped popularize the movie.

Although turnout for Godzilla vs Kong in the US was initially mediocre, global sales and continued success over the last three weeks has earned the action adventure the title as the highest grossing movie since the pandemic began. On top of this shocking box office success, constant praising of the movie points towards a positive future for the entertainment industry, a future which may have not been possible without the dazzling success of an industry defining monster movie.