NERD CORNER: A series of game, comics, and show recommendations


a poster from the show K showing the most notable characters within the show.

The following is a list of recommendations varying from games to comics, so if you’re looking for something new to take part in stick around! 



Skate the Infinity is a fun skating anime with a nice side of assault charges that never got filed. It centers around Reki, an average kid from Japan who loves skating and Langa, a transfer from Canada. Reki has an intense love for skating that he teaches Langa about through a seemingly lawless skating competition called S that occasionally forms rivalries between skaters that can get a little violent. The anime is a fun lighthearted watch despite the occasional violence, and I’d recommend it to anime beginners.


Jujutsu Kaisen is probably the most popular show on this list by far. It’s set in a world where cursed spirits feed off of humans. Luckily a school exists to train sourcers to be dedicated to protect the living from the supernatural and preserve the idea that supernatural beings don’t exist and they’re called Jujutsu Sorcerers. Ryomen Sakura, the only curse strong enough to destroy the world, has been scattered around the globe. The anime follows the seemingly normal Yuji Itadori after he has an encounter with Megumi Fushiguro, a shaman who attends the Jujutsu school.


K is an old but gold anime that came out in 2012. The series is set in a time where Japan is being ruled by seven kings of psychic clans called the Seven Clans of Color. The story follows Yashiro Isana, a normal highschool student who is wanted by HOMRA of the Red clan and Scepter 4 of the Blue clan following the murders of members of the HOMRA group. The problem is he doesn’t remember committing those crimes. Watch K for the riveting plot, action, and beautiful background.


Infinity Train is a series that is set on a seemingly endless train that travels through a barren, post-apocalyptic  landscape.Each train car contains bizarre, whimsical, and wild surroundings. The train picks up children with unresolved emotional issues or trauma, and the challenges of each train car helps them resolve  their issues. Once they work through their problems, that can return home again; however, if they don’t reach a solution they could be stuck on the train forever. The more emotional issues they have, the longer they have to stay on the train. Each season the show follows different, multifaceted characters. It’s definitely worth a watch.


Craig In the Creek is my personal favorite on the list. It follows Craig Williams in the fictional town of Herkelton where he along with his two friends Kelsey and J.P have adventures in a creek that doubles as a “kid Utopia,” where kids reign over their own world of tree forts and bike ramps. The show has slowly grown from it’s more childish roots and dealt with deeper topics while staying true to its composition and characters. 




Hollow Knight Is a 2D action adventure game that takes place in Hallownest, an ancient kingdom within the fictional world. The player takes control of a nameless knight that must explore the ancient, abandoned, and plague infested kingdom fighting bosses and unlocking new abilities as they uncover the secrets of the mysterious kingdom. 


Genshin is a free action role-playing game that has an open-world environment and action based level up and battle systems using character switching mechanics midfight, elemental magic elements  and gacha mechanics where you can pull your favorite characters and weapons to play with. You can explore, glide, climb and fight within the world and as the game updates the world will get bigger. Play as the game updates, and watch as your character grows.


Rocket league is a more fantastical and outlandish take on a sports based video game. It includes a competitive game mode based on teamwork and out maneuvering opponents with their team to advance the ball down the field and score a goal. Boiled down to the basics, the game is soccer with cars but it’s still very entertaining when playing with competitive team mates.


Spiritfarer is a game about Stella, the captain of a boat that transports spirits across the river that takes them from this realm to the after life. The game allows the player to update and design their boat to welcome newly deceased spirits. The artwork and animation within the game is beautiful, and the characters’ interactions are meaningful.



Npc’s Can save the world too is a play on the reincarnation trope that comics have been playing off of in recent years. In most reincarnation comics whether they’re reincarnated into a show, back in time, or into a game the main character is always someone extremely important. In this comic the main character starts out as someone no one can remember except the one person that can help them. They later remember playing the game they were reborn in and figure out that the person they’ve woken up as was an NPC or non-playing character in the game. Meaning they’re not supposed to have their own will and they were supposed to be used by the player to make the game go along. Follow this NPC’s journey working their way up to a main character. This comic is available on the WEBTOON app or website.


Eleceed follows Jiwoo, a kind hearted young man who loves cats that falls into the world of “awakened ones” and physically and magically advanced people. He trains under the strongest awakened one known to man Kayden. Kayden is turned into a cat and is unable to preserve his strength as well, but he decides to train Jiwoo. Together with Kayden’s intellect and Jiwoos newfound strength they set out to fight against evil. This comic is available through WEBTOON.


Plunderworld  is a remix of the story of Persephone and Hades, so far it’s a light-hearted, whimsical romance. Read along as the story deepens. The comic is at about 22 chapters currently, but each one is investing and drawn beautifully. It really intrigues me. This comic is also available through WEBTOON.