Taylor Swift releases yet another album during the pandemic: Evermore


Photo by Taylor Swift

“Evermore” album cover

Kirstin Palasz, Photo Editor

Taylor Swift has been an icon in the music industry since she released her first album in 2006. The 31-year-old artist has since released nine albums earning her two Album of the Year Awards, which only one other artist has done. She has won ten Grammys with 41 nominations for various categories, and has had 7 number one songs on the Billboard Hot 100 with 29 songs in the top ten. 

Swift started as a country artist and has since evolved into different genres over her years in the industry; after country, she transitioned into pop and then into alternative. Throughout her years in the spotlight, she has also evolved as an individual as well.

Evermore is Swift’s most recent album following her album Folklore. Fans speculate that Evermore is a continuation of Folklore. Since being released on December 11, 2020, the album has had over 50 million streams. The album consists of 17 songs, each one having a unique aspect either through the lyrics or the melody or the music. 

Evermore is very different from her usual music. Each song is very distinctive but overall they each have a softer tone. Many fans are disappointed with the gentle, alternative music and want her to go back to uplifting pop music. However, with her new music, even if softer, the lyrics are what truly shine in these songs. 

The amount of emotion put into each song is very impressive since it was written in a mere five months. In her song “tolerate it” one of the lyrics is “I wait by the door like I’m just a kid, use my best colors, lay the table with fancy s***, and watch you tolerate it”. This is just an example of the depth she is able to create with just a single lyric. She uses metaphors to create examples of her relationships. In “gold rush” one of the lyrics is “My mind turns your life into folklore, I can’t dare to dream about you anymore.” This lyric connects back to folklore as well as creates a deeper story. Each of the songs create their own storyline and even certain songs connect to each other. Although there is an alternate reality in her songs and the stories she creates, many seem to connect back to her own life.

Other than the actual lyrics, each song has similar feelings, yet each has a unique component. In “closure” she has an outstanding instrumental aspect to the song that takes it above and beyond. In “no body, no crime” she brings in her country roots in the instrumental, which brings fans back to her original music. In “ivy”, she creates more of an upbeat tone with the acoustics. 

Overall, the album shows some amazing lyrics that show Swift’s depth in the music she is able to create. Evermore is just one example of the emotional music she is able to create.