Music recommendations for the fall season

Scan the photo for a direct link to the fall playlist on Spotify.

Photo by Briana Murphy

Scan the photo for a direct link to the fall playlist on Spotify.

Briana Murphy, Creative Director

With the change of the season, there comes a difference in the general energy of life. Fall is a time of stress for us all as we work towards finals and college applications, but an excellent way to cope with negative feelings is through music. Everyone communicates and feels things differently, but music is universal. Here’s a couple of songs to help cope with life’s various emotions or enjoy the positive vibes with upbeat playlists. 

The Fall upbeat expresses staying in touch with joy. It’s a playlist that encapsulates the comfort and excitement associated with fall. This is the playlist to listen to incite positive energy in life. 

The playlist begins with a “still feel.” By half-alive, it is a song about recognizing being trapped in a place of darkness and fighting to have a happier life. The song is an upbeat pop song that brings the feeling being of alive.

“Why Do You Feel So Down” is a song similar in composition and meaning, but it talks more deeply about being there for a friend in time of need. It’s an excellent theme song for road trips or relaxing hangouts with friends. The chorus is catchy, and the synth and percussion further solidify the music as an upbeat tune. 

“Scrawny” by the wallows is up next, which talks about nostalgia and realizing that even though they haven’t changed, they are still loved the same amount. It’s a song that’s reminiscent of bands from the early 2000s.  It’s a lovely song to listen to for the positive affirmation within the lyrics.

“Cemetery” is a commentary on the downsides of materialism. It also explains the importance of enjoying the little things in life. The main moral is a living focused only on money or business isn’t perfect because emotional wealth is more important. Despite the heavy topics covered in the song, the light piano and funky bass keep it light-hearted. The melody of the song is very upbeat and relaxed overall.

“Do It All The Time” is a straightforward tune that simulates the feeling of walking on top of the world. It focuses on living in the moment and enjoying what you have in life right now. In its essence, it’s about seizing your youth and doing what you desire. 

“The Tell me to remix” is an old school song with feminine vocals that are sampled and mixed with the raps of more modern artists such as Trey songs and Tory Lanez. The synth and spacy vibe to the songs leave the meaning up to interpretation, but the sample’s funky rhythm keeps it lively and upbeat. 

“Billionaire” is a song about having aspirations and wanting the best life yourself. It’s a song that incites hope for the future. The piece combines reggae and pop in an interesting mix, but it favors the music. It’s a contemporary classic. 

“Action!” is a song about someone trying to woo a girl, and it’s a nice balance of rapping, singing, and talk rap. The song itself makes it a point to highlight percussion and piano, allowing the song to have a cretin groove to it.

“What Dreams Are Made Of” is another song about romantic endeavors, but it focuses on the honeymoon phase and the dreamy side of life. The song has a straightforward musical accompaniment and focuses on the vocals, making the song even more nostalgic and happy with the singer’s voice’s loving tune.

“Khaabon ke parinday” is a Bollywood song with very soft but uplifting vocals that make a very relaxing combination when paired with the guitar in the song. Its lyrics are also quite uplifting and soothing, which is essential in this stressful time, but what brings the song together is the contrast between the male and female vocals because they complement each other very well

“My Boo” is a song that talks about childhood love and reminiscing on innocent experiences of love. It covers the idea of eternal love that doesn’t change. It’s a feel-good R&B song that cleverly tells a story through the lyrics and employs the differences in the male and female vocalists’ voices well.

Enjoy the music recommendations and the rest of the fall season.