Game over for peacock streaming


Photo by NBC

Mimi Osborne, Managing Editor of A&E

Imagine you’re binging your favorite TV show for the fourth time and right as the climax moment is about to happen, you hear, “15 minutes can save you 15% or more on car insurance.” This unfortunate situation is happening now more than ever, especially with Peacock Streaming. 

A streaming service intended to simplify viewing has made everything all the more difficult; Peacock, it is time for the end. The first advertisement of the highly anticipated NBC established streaming platform, which launched on July 15th, claimed for there to be a new way to watch free TV and have all your favorite shows in the same place. According to the Peacock website, it offers, “great entertainment that’s finally free” (  At first glance, this new service seems to provide viewers unlimited access to thousands of new shows. In reality, this was simply too good to be true, since the service has a limited supply of shows for the non-paying watchers.

 If you desire to watch shows such as America’s Got Talent, Blindspot, Chicago P.D. and so many more mainstream options, you must pay $4.99 a month to view these shows with advertisements. If you become sick of the advertisements, however, you have to pay an additional five dollars totaling $9.99 a month for commercial-free viewings. This is compared to the price of Netflix, totaling $8.99 a month for over 1,980 shows. Hulu, similarly, costs the most, banking in at $11.99 a month, but offers over 1,650 shows. 

This quantitative data is, at least for myself, overwhelming. The simplified version is as follows: Peacock streaming charges more for less entertainment, whereas other viewing platforms such as Netflix and Hulu offer more shows, movies, documentaries, and more, for a better price.

Peacock also took it upon itself to broadcast the hit comedy show Parks and Recreation. This show is a staple to many American families, and taking this show from the larger streaming platforms is unjust. Peacock is simply attempting to take the subscribers from larger platforms by offering the one show people have interest in watching, rather than offering new and exclusive content. These factors have truly brought the question of “is Peacock worth it?” The answer to this question, without speculation, is no. Peacock is not worth the effort it takes to subscribe. Now, there is only time left between Peacock and its inevitable downfall.