Changes in college recruiting


Photo by Stefan Momcilovic

Stefan Momcilovic ‘22 checking in for a pass.

David Oluwole, Staff Writer

From standardized testing to sports, the impact of the pandemic has been swift, and for prospective college athletes potentially disastrous. Athletes all over the country have been anxiously waiting and hoping for a season in order to be recruited by colleges. Guidelines for sports are different state by state. Illinois is restricting most sports for the fall, while states like Indiana are proceeding with sports  such as football.   

For most sports, the prime grades for recruiting are taken in athletes’ junior and senior years of high school. For many people, getting an athletic scholarship is their only way of attending college. For others, being recruited is the only way they could get a chance to play collegiately in a sport that they’ve their lives perfecting.

Senior Nick Mesrobian was really looking forward to playing football this fall outside of school. As the football program was cancelled at Lake Forest Academy “ This season was supposed to be the cherry on top to football career before college,” he said. “I hoped for this season to propel me into playing football at the next level.”

When asked about his current plans he stated that he has still been training and working out as if there was a fall season.    “I have been continually working on my craft, and am just patiently waiting for news about when we can get back on the field.”

For many others, the pressure is a lot less, but the same consequences are still reaped. For Juniors such as Stefan Momcilovic, opportunities to build relationships with coaches are delayed. Per NCAA rules, soccer players aren’t allowed to communicate with coaches until Junior year. With the pandemic and limited playing opportunities, many players such as Momcilovic could miss vital time periods to interact with coaches.

Momcilovic stated, “I’m not too worried but I’m counting training with the school along with my club. All I can do is hope we have a season and continue to train hard.”

In the meantime, LFA has done a great job in providing students opportunities to still train and play their sport as a PE. Junior soccer player Giuseppe Maida said he likes how he has the opportunity to continue to train even without any scheduled games in places. 

“I’ve been training almost everyday, and i’m confident when the season is announced I will be in great shape.” Maida said.

While the pandemic has had a substantial impact on sports and recruiting, LFA has done a great job in keeping sports in the lives of its students, and although the date of the season for many sports starting is up in the air, students will still have the opportunity to play.