Squashing the competition

Lindsey Pearlman, Managing Editor of Features

 Over the years, Lake Forest Academy has had a number of successful athletes who have gone on to play in college, and even professionally. John Tobin, an LFA senior, is one to add to this list. Tobin has attended LFA all four years of his high school career, and has played on the Varsity Squash Team since he was a freshman. He was named MVP of the team in the 2016-2017 season, and again in the 2017-2018 season. He now serves as captain of his team.

   Tobin’s love for squash started when he was 12 years old after joining Onwentsia Club in Lake Forest, Illinois. His mother introduced him to the sport, and he has been playing ever since.

   “I like squash because it’s a very interactive sport,” said Tobin, “it’s very competitive, which makes it a lot more fun, and that is why I’ve kept playing for so long.”

   Tobins squash carer reaches much farther than LFA. He also plays very competitively outside of school. His rigorous training schedule includes training four days a week with his private coach, and working out in the gym the remaining three days of the week to improve on his strength. Although he started when he was 12, his love for the sport really flourished when he was 14 after winning his first large scale tournament.

   “It was a US squash tournament in California and I won. It was close and I won in the 5th game, and that is when I got serious about squash.” stated Tobin.

   Over the years, Tobin has collected a number of LFA match wins, and most notably four US squash tournament wins. He is ranked amongst the top 43 squash players in the nation. This momentum that he has gained over the years is not slowing down anytime soon. While most high school athletes’ careers come to an end once they graduate, Tobin’s career is only beginning. After graduation, Tobin will be attending St. Lawrence University to play Division 1 squash. 

   “Being able to go play at a D1 school, that’s ranked 14th in the country, is really exciting.” said Tobin, “ I’m glad I get to continue to play squash and grow as an athlete.”