3v3 Basketball tournament takes LFA by storm


James Kuhns, Staff Writer

This year, the Athletic Department has decided to replace the JVB basketball team with a 3v3 tournament. One of the founders of the tournament, Constantine Alexos, believes this was a substantial step in the balance of having fun and still doing physical activity.
“We wanted to make basketball more accessible to the students of LFA,” said Alexos, and he plans to do so this winter season with the help of three other juniors working as “league officials”.
While preparing for the season throughout the fall, Alexos worked closely with Mr. Madeley to ensure he could meet his goal of creating “a fun and exciting way to have others play basketball.” With this in mind, Alexos managed to pick study-friendly times throughout the week, such as Friday afternoons or right after G day ends. This ensures those who enroll in the tournament don’t skip because of an excessive amount of homework.
Alexos believes that students who aren’t as serious about basketball but still love the sport have the opportunity to enjoy the sport with a team that they personally choose.
“ We also wanted to start to have a more formal and regulated basketball game and a league going. We feel that people will be whining to be if there is an organized, fun, and acceptable league running and managing the games,” said Alexos.
The league even has all of its rules in a rule book that was sent to its members. The rules are mostly about conduct, violations, penalties, as well as regular basketball rules.
Although the creation of the league gives some students the ability to play, other students who would have made JV chose to play with the league.
While some students look to have fun and try out basketball by joining the 3v3 league, others such as Vashi are excited to refine their skills while playing in a structured tournament. Junior Ayush Vashi, practiced throughout the summer and worked hard to try and make the JV basketball team. Unfortunately, Vashi was cut from the team, but while reflecting on the tryouts, stated that “the coaches had a really talented group to pick from” and he looks forward to watching JV games this year. But Vashi is not taking getting cut from the team as a loss.
Playing along with his fellow students and friends, Vashi feels he will be able to further his skills without the competitiveness of a structured league.
The end goal of this league is to create a fun tournament that will be used to develop basketball players for the next two years . Alexos likes to think of their league as the G-league to the varsity team. Alexos, along with other leaders of the league, enjoy what they do and want the LFA community to think of them as a funny, dedicated, insightful, and hardworking group of boys with a passion for the game of basketball.