A new age of LFA athletics


David Oluwole, Staff Writer

Lake Forest Academy sports have always had new recruits coming into the school, to bolster our athletic programs. This year saw a significant amount of recruits, due to the large amount of senior athletes who graduated last year. This led to many new recruits being brought in, primarily for the basketball and prep hockey teams.
The Lake Forest Academy prep hockey team has always been one of the strongest athletic teams in the school, with a Midwest prep hockey league championship three years ago.
After talking to 4-year veteran and assistant captain of the Prep hockey team, Aidan Gallagher, I learned of the especially young team for the caxys, with 16 new recruits and 11 of them being underclassmen. When asked about the new dynamic of the team Gallagher talked about how the team was constantly getting better and more united as a team.
“In the past, the team was divided into separate groups,” Gallagher said, “but this year they are a unified solid group.” He also believes that Darrin Madeley who is the Head Coach of the Prep Hockey team, did an excellent job in recruiting kids with not only talent, but great character.
Aidan also believes that new additions to the coaching staff over the past couple of years have helped push the program in a positive direction, considering Mr. Madeley is often very busy. Mr. Madeley’ son Tyler Madeley is a coach and also a english teacher.
While speaking with another senior leader Lucas Matta he said the team has their “eyes set on winning another MPHL championship this year.” They plan to take it step by step working hard at practice everyday, in order to fulfill their goal.
The Lake Forest Academy basketball team is a revamped program, that is emerging to become one of the strongest athletic teams in the school. With a strong core of young and notable recruits, this year’s team is bound to make an impact in the basketball scene.
After speaking to senior leader Xavier Adams, I learned how this years team had an energy that is indescribable. They practice hard every day and constantly look to improve on their skills, even though their official season hasn’t started. As a senior leader, Adams strives to lead by example on and off the court. He aims to work relentlessly to help set examples to younger players on the team. Whether it’s going to team lifts everyday, or being a good leader in the community, he strives to be an example.
The main motto the LFA basketball team sets for its players is “pass, dribble, shoot, and play hard”. Mr. Koncz stresses with his team the importance of loving each other as a team, and to play for something more than yourself.
After speaking to newcomers on the team such as Shaedon Simpson, I learned more on the ideals of Lake Forest Academy basketball program. His transition from Canada to LFA was particularly smooth because of the bond the players have. Shaedon said this team was different than his previous teams, because of the astounding youth of the team, as well as the amount of work they do to get better.
This year’s Prep Hockey and Basketball teams will surely have success and grow as athletes and citizens throughout the season, as well as pack crowds with their talented squads.