Excitement brewing for Lollapalooza


Sydney Olinger, Editor-in-Chief

The city of Chicago in the summer is the center of many events like Taste of Chicago, baseball games, and many more events, but one of the most exciting 4 days is Lollapalooza. Of the average 73,000 festival goers, many are local, but people come from all over the country to see some of their favorite artists.

 “It’s a moment in the summer that you always look forward to where you can meet new people and listen to all your favorite artists,” said Tyler Medvec

 As much as Lolla is a large concert where both widely-known artists and local bands showcase their music, it is also an experience.  Food trucks line Columbus Drive and popular Chicago stores set up tents near Buckingham fountain where they can sell their items in small pop-up stores.  The Blackhawks and Lollapalooza store are a favorite with lines typically going all the way out of the tent.

  “I think the lineup has been better in past years, but this year is definitely more diverse in terms of the genres of music and popularity of artists,” said Adriana Rivera

This year’s daily lineup for Lollapalooza

 Some of the top artists in this year’s lineup include Ariana Grande, Tame Impala, Childish Gambino, The Chainsmokers, Twenty One Pilots, and other artists from various music genres.  Rivera and many other Lolla attendees believe that the lineup has certainly been more exciting in past years, but they believe Lolla is trying to create a festival where people can hear all different types of music and not just the typical EDM and rap artists.  

  Hobo Johnson and the Lovemakers and Roy Blair are two up and coming artists that will be featured at Lolla this year.  Some of Hobo Johnson and the Lovemakers hit singles include Peach Scone and Romeo and Juliet which showcase his modern hip hop or softer rap style of music.  Rising artist, Roy Blair, brings an honest view of the world around him ranging from his experiences with everything from love to grief.  His alternative rock/pop blend is also sure to catch the ear of any festival goer who happens to hear his set.

 This year’s Lollapalooza lineup as well as the food, shopping, and fun are sure to bring many memories for all of the lucky Lolla attendees.  

  “I’m really excited for the experience as a whole and to be able to enjoy it with my friends for the first time,” said Lindsey Pearlman.