LFA Reflects on the Legacy of Slain L.A. Rapper, Nipsey Hussle


Photo Courtesy of popculturecelebrity.com Tickets from Nipsey Hussle’s Memorial, Thursday, April 11th, sold out minutes after being open to the public.

Tiffany Filawo, Managing Editor of Global Perspective

On, March 31, 2019, the rap culture lost a burgeoning legend, and South Central L.A. lost a leader, a peacemaker, and an activist. Thirty-three year-old Grammy-nominated rapper, founder of All Money In Records, and Crenshaw native, Ermias Asghedom, better known as Nipsey Hussle, was shot dead that same day by, Eric Holder, outside of Nipsey’s store on Slauson Avenue, The Marathon Clothing Store. Nipsey left behind two children, and longtime girlfriend, Lauren London. Nipsey was at his store the day of his murder gifting his friend, Kerry Lathan, clothes after getting released from jail. Holder shot Hussle as a result of an argument they had earlier that day. Holder first shot the rapper then walked away, but after realizing that Nipsey was still alive, he walked back over and shot Nipsey multiple times in the head and torso which ultimately took his life. Holder was taken into custody soon after the murder and charged with one count of murder, two counts of attempted murder, and one count of possession of a firearm by a felon. Nipsey’s murder took the world by surprise including members of the LFA community.

Senior, Dane Quest, was first introduced to Nipsey Hussle through his feature on Drake’s song, “Killer”. Quest was captivated by Nipsey’s flow and admired his uplifting lyricism more after listening to Nipsey’s own tracks.

“‘Killer’ by Drake was the first song I listened to featuring Nipsey Hussle. Whatever he said in his music, he spoke into existence. He was one of the few rappers who actually spoke to us, and that’s why we paid attention,” remarked Quest.

Monday April 1st, a vigil was held for Nipsey outside of his Marathon Clothing Store, and Thursday, April 11th, his family hosted a “Celebration of Life” memorial in the Staples Center and opened it up to the public. Tickets were sold out within minutes and all 21,000 seats were filled. The religious outlook on this tragedy kept Nipsey’s close family and friends’ spirits high. The memorial was followed by a 25 mile funeral procession which circled through L.A. and made a stop outside of his Marathon Clothing Store where mourners placed candles and flowers to venerate the late rapper.

Eric Ball has been paying tribute to Nipsey Hussle’s artistry by familiarizing LFA gym-goers with Nipsey’s works from his Victory Lap album.

“My favorite song by Nipsey is “Overtime”, and I tell my athletes the line, “opportunity and preparation, when they meet, it’s nice” because when the time comes, if you do the work now, you’ll be prepared for when it’s time to shine,” said Eric.


Photo Courtesy of Tiffany Filawo
Eric Ball is credited for introducing many members of Lake Forest Academy’s community to Nipsey Hussle’s by playing songs in the gym from his Grammy-nominated album, Victory Lap.

Nipsey was planning on meeting with the LAPD to discuss ways to end gang violence to make South Central L.A. safer for the children there. His work for children does not stop there. He has sparked several initiatives such as Vector 90 which is a STEM learning center based in the Crenshaw District that provides better science and technology education and opportunities to work in Silicon Valley. He also worked with PUMA to refurbish the basketball court near where he grew up, and he launched a major art initiative in the Crenshaw District known as, “Destination Crenshaw” which displays local art.

Nipsey death incentivized a peace truce and march among the rival gangs, Crips and Bloods. The former Rollin’ 60s Crip was known for collaborating with notable Bloods such as The Game and YG.

While Nipsey is physically not here to witness the shockwave he has sent across the world especially the rap culture by living what he preached, his legacy will continue through his fans.

“I’m going to continue Nipsey’s legacy by trying to be as real and kind as Nipsey was. I think the highest human act really is to inspire, and I want to use my talent as a vehicle of change in my community and around the world,” vocalized Quest.

Nipsey was a hero and leader to those in South Central L.A., a consoler to all those who listened to his music and an inspiration to those who followed his life.

“He made the black youth feel very invested. He was a leader that the youth needed to look up to and idolize,” expressed Ball.

Nipsey Hussle will never be forgotten, and with that being said, “The Marathon Continues”.