LFA moves to full-time trainer


Photo by Alex Jackson

Alex Jackson, Editor-In-Chief

 After years of having only part-time strength and conditioning coaches, LFA has finally hired their first full-time trainer.

  Previously, LFA had been bringing in outside coaches who would work with students for a few hours after school and then leave. One of those part-time hires was Eric Ball, who was coming over regularly from EFT Sports Performance. Starting at this fall athletic season though, Ball returned to LFA, not in his previous position, but as LFA’s first ever full-time trainer.

  It started to become more apparent that a permanent trainer was needed as the years without one progressed. In his part-time days, Ball struggled to go in depth with the students he worked with. He felt restricted in his work by the limited amount of time he could spend in the gym helping students. Athletic Director Darrin Madeley, who made the decision to change to a full-time staff, thought this move was necessary considering all the struggles of having only outside coaches.

  “I wanted someone that was able to connect with students and not just a three-hour off-site person. Always changing who was here, kids didn’t know them,” said Madeley.

  This move was monumentous for LFA athletics as students will finally be able to see a consistent face in the gym every day. Madeley wanted a more effective strength and conditioning system and Ball was the perfect man for the job.

  “It was a no-brainer. Eric is a high-end trainer and person. The students trust him and he always has a smile which makes kids feel comfortable,” voiced Madeley when asked why he chose Ball for this position.

  Ball, who realized strength coaching was a passion when he was playing football in college, already has plans to utilize his position to full capacity.

  “What I’m really looking forward to is just growing the culture of training here because I’ve seen what it is and I see what it’s been and I understand why it’s like that… [coaches] don’t even think about the training aspect. As far as off-seasons, I would like to turn that around because kids aren’t thinking about their sport because they are playing another sport that they don’t necessarily want to play” Ball explained.

  According to Madeley, Ball’s presence has taken an immediate effect.

  “It already has. Kids can do fitness until 8 p.m. so if you have homework or a service trip, then you can still come in later and get it done” Madeley emphasized when asked about how having a full-time trainer will benefit LFA’s Athletic program.