Fall Play Photostory


Photo Courtesy of Angelina Chan

Jasmine Filawo and Angelina Chan, Managing Editor of Photos for Digital and Managing Editor of Photos


This year’s Fall Play was The Government Inspector. Theater Director and Instructor of the Fine and Performing Arts, Matt Boresi, chose this play since it related to this year’s Head of School Symposium, Russia. After doing research on Russian dramas, he came across The Government Inspector and thought it was very “appointive to our modern time.” This satire play takes play in a corrupt town in Russia and centers around the Mayor running a small Russian town during the 1830s. The people of the town are informed that an inspector will soon be arriving to their town to investigate them.


Cast of The Government Inpsector getting ready for their dress rehearsal.
Senior Layne Eklund, helps sophomore, Ben Qian, get ready in his costume.
Senior Han Do, braiding Eklund’s hair.
Junior, Sophie Waimon, finishes her hair and makeup, and gets ready to put on her costume.
Backstage, all cast members were helped by senior, Rachel Nguyen, put on their mics before they perform.
Nguyen, helps freshman, Flora Zhai, put on her mic. Zhai plays Osip, the inspector’s servant and has enjoyed acting since fourth grade.


Sophomore, Qian, plays both the school principal and Pentelayev. Qian is very honored to do the Fall play and is excited to “share the story of The Government Inspector.” Qian also stated that “this play is different from my past experienc from previous plays and musicals.” He describes the play as simple, hilarious, and ridiculous.
Qian and freshman, Jadyn D’Cruz, pose in the green room before heading on stage for the dress rehearsal. D’Cruz plays The Mayor and has done 5 major plays and one musical before coming to LFA.
Sophomore, Briana Murphy, plays Grusha, Locksmith’s wife, and Inkeeper’s wife. This is her first year doing the play and decided to manage doing both cross country and the Fall play this season. She enjoys how all her characters have stage presence and she stated how “she enjoys bringing them to the table.”
Freshman, Connor Butler, plays the Judge and Abdulin. His character loves   bribes and money more than finding out who is guilty or not guilty. Before starting his freshman year at LFA, he did theater for two years and will continue doing performances. Butler also expressed how he loves the “idea of performing in front of people.”
Sophomore, Emily Hawkins, plays the Postmaster. As the Postmaster, she reads people’s personal letters in the mail. This is her first time performing in the Fall Play, but was part of  last year’s winter musical, Urinetown. She is exctied to be part of this production and hope everyone enjoys the play.
Senior, Scott Chernobrov, plays both the Hospital Director and Chernaeyev. He  just started acting since last year and has had “a blast full of laughs” doing The Government Inspector.
Junior, Adam Kossale, plays Svetsunov and Imperial Messenger. He has previously played Macduff in Macbeth and loves acting since it teaches him “to be myself and be confident.”


Senior, Lilah Roth, plays Anna and this her third year doing the Fall Play. She describes her character as very “extra” and “really extravagant,” completely opposite of her personality outside of the play. As a senior she will definitely miss being part of a small knit family as an active member of the Fine Arts Department.
Seniors, Do and Eklund, play twins, Dobchinskaya and Bobchinskaya. Their characters are very ditsy, but still comical even though they still bicker at times. Both are in Arts Concentration and enjoy being part of the performing arts community. Eklund has done musicals since her freshman and the fall play since her sophomore year. As for Do she has been part of the winter musical and fall play since her junior year. She overall finds acting “super fun” and loves playing her “dumb and goofy” character. Since this her last year at LFA, she will definitely miss being around the talented people and the opportunities she has been given to improve her acting skills. Eklund’s character is relatable to her since both share the same sense of humor and she is also used to playing girls filled with a lot of energy. Eklund has been very dedicated to theater since she was five and will continue her commitment with music as her major. As her time at LFA comes to a closing, she will definitely miss Mr. Boresi’s great teaching style and conversations that created their strong bond. She will also miss the community and during her four years here, she has seen a deeper part of acting.
Seniors, Do and Eklund, checking out their matching shoes.
Junior, Nikita Rapoport, plays the Doctor. Although he has not done any plays in the past, he has always been interested in music, and took piano and synth lessons.


Junior, Sophie Waimon, plays Marya, the mayor of the towns goth and a depressed teenager. Waimon normally plays characters that have bold personalities, confidence, and a little sass. She has been very active in the arts since her freshman year at LFA and continues her involvement till today.
Junior, Graham Lin, plays the inspector, the protagonist of the play. His character charms everyone in the town and continues get spoiled by them since everyone thinks he works for the government as an inspector. He has been part of Arts Concentration since his sophomore and continues singing, and acting in musicals and plays.
The entire cast performing during their Dress Rehearsal on Wednesday, October 10.