Schedule Changes: How They’ll Benefit You


Mia Walvoord, Managing Editor of A&E

Between tests, quizzes, and papers, the recent schedule changes at the Academy have gone nearly unnoticed, despite the fact that they will significantly enrich the lives of all members of the school community, especially students. This is understandable, though after closer examination, they promise to boost students’ potential and more time to de-stress.

The extra late start on G-Day and new All School Meeting time on F-Day were intentionally scheduled and are sure to improve student life at the Academy.

Mr. Chris Tennyson, Dean of Students, had actually been considering the addition of another late start day. He and the rest of the LFA faculty recognize how difficult it is for adolescents to give equal time and attention to their rigorous school work and extra circulars. In their efforts to remain on top of their workload, they often overlook their own personal needs.


In realizing this dilemma, Tennyson stated that time and again, “…something in our students’ lives has to give, and oftentimes their choice is to have it be sleep”.

Forgoing sleep greatly affects students’ ability to learn, so the addition of another late start is meant to help keep students healthy and minimize stress. G-Day was the cycle day best fit to absorb this change because due to its early release, after school practices times could remain unaffected. Students will be able to come to school more rested and ready to learn, without experiencing any inconveniences later in the day.


Walvoord’s schedule during her sophomore year, before this year’s schedule change.

In the case of all school meeting, it was discovered that if it was switched to F-Day, we would be able to hold three to four more of them. There is so much to be learned though the study of this year’s Head of School Symposium topic, that these extra meeting times will allow all members of the community more opportunity to evolve their global mindset, which is so highly valued at LFA.

Mr. Tom Johnson, who worked with Tennyson to present these changes to the faculty, predicts that eventually, more cycle days will include late starts in order to maximize students’ potential during the academic day. He also mentioned that All School Meeting’s place in the schedule could also be subject to change in the future in order to fit as many meetings into the year as possible.

Additional all school meetings will provide students with more opportunities for enrichment, while the secondary late start will allow them to be less stressed and work more effectively.