New Coach, Same Goals


Ben Sebolt, Senior Sports Editor

     Change was apparent during the offseason of Caxy Football.  Head Coach Blake Annen departed for the Carmel Football program. Luckily LFA had a suitable replacement in Defensive Coordinator, Michael Buchanan.   It’s going to be hard to to best the previous season, but the team has only gotten better, so we expect many great achievements from Buchanan.

    With a large Senior group of starters, Buchanan does not lack leadership. Not only impressive in leadership, the seniors are very skilled.  Nathan Barnes and Payton Gryniewicz anchor the defense, Barnes as a defensive end and Gryniewicz as linebacker.  Both Barnes and Gryniewicz received an All Area Football Honorable Mention last year. Another vital senior is Jamari Edwards, a stellar linebacker and running back for the Caxy’s. On offense, John Kuhns plays a vital role in the strength of the offensive -line.  A three year starter Kuhns, has valuable experience that will bolster the line. The wide receiving core is led by senior Donte Sible, who was recently sidelined with a concussion. The team is hoping he can return as soon as possible. These seniors make up a talented group who will lead the LFA football team to victory.  

   Not only seniors play a major role on the team.  Joey Kotlarz, quarterback for the team, has started for two years.  As the leader of the offense, the success of the offense stands on his shoulders.  Luckily, the coaching change has not affected his style of play.

   When asked how the coaching change affected him Kotlarz said “the offensive mindset has not changed that much, but overall their has been a switch to a more defensive standpoint.”  

   Obviously Buchanan believes that championships are won by the defense.

   The Caxy’s unfortunately lost their first game to Milford-Cissna Park High School 36 – 60.  A major issue the team faced was cramping during the game.  Many of the key seniors suffered cramping, severely limiting the team’s ability.  I am sure that nerves may have played a small role in the loss.  

    The Caxy’s were back in form in their second game, winning handily against Christian Life High School, 48-22.  Hopefully the Caxy’s can continue their success throughout their season

  As for coaching Buchanan, has the ability to make this team succeed.  Recruited by Illinois university and drafted by the patriots, has left Buchannon with intimate knowledge of the workings of football.  He is in the best possible position to develop his players and prepare them for the next level.