The Top 7 Characters of The Office: Power-ranked.


Max Hayes, Editor-in-chief



I am an avid fan of the TV show The Office. I think I speak for most people when I say it’s one of the funniest, well-written and relatable sitcoms to date.


The core cast of The Office is pictured above.


Somehow, someway I feel a special connection to that crazy Dunder Mifflin paper branch in Scranton, Pennsylvania. I think I can attribute this attachment to the relatability and hilarious personalities of the characters within The Office.


Everyone has their favorite characters that they particularly align with or find exceptionally funny. But in my opinion, this is the top 7 office characters power ranked. Let’s get to it.


Before we get into the rankings, I would like to introduce you to the Caxy News staff’s own version of The Office intro. Enjoy:




The Power Rankings:


#1: Saying Michael Scott isn’t the best character in The Office is like saying airport delays are fun. It’s just not true. Imagine the show without him. I know in later seasons this is actually the case, but just picture the earlier seasons (which I think are much funnier than the later ones) without Michael. You can’t. His cringy, insensitive and absurd managing techniques are what makes The Office special. He’s clearly the star of the show and his one-liners would be impossible to replace. The legendary “NO, GOD NO” scene when Toby returns from his Costa Rica trip, the constant “that’s what she said’s”, and his hilarious analysis of the office dynamics are irreplaceable. As it reads on his mug, he truly is the “World’s Best Boss”.


#2: Who else to put at #2 besides the best character’s #1 sidekick, Dwight Schrute. This dude’s character has to be one of the toughest acting jobs of all time. How Rainn Wilson holds back laughter during his outrageous lines and over-the-top personality is genuinely impressive. His constant need to impress Michael, insane family history of beet farms, and how he takes the foolish office dynamics so seriously makes him one of the funniest characters on the show. Dwight, you’re the man. Oh and can’t forget about his rivalry with Jim. Those scenes are great.


#3: At number 3, I’m going to roll with a curveball. This may not be as popular of an opinion as number one and number two. I’m going with one of my personal favorites…NARD DOG! Andy Bernard is one of the funniest characters on the show in my opinion. God does he just fit the proud ivy-league alumni stereotype so perfectly. He’s The Office goofball and his references to his pampered upbringing make it even more funny. Andy’s situation is hilarious because he attended Cornell, as he makes well known, and his parents are very successful and well-off, yet he still embraces the Dunder Mifflin lifestyle to the max. I absolutely love it. His singing is off the charts impressive too. One of my favorite quotes by Andy goes like this, “Andy Bernard does not lose contests, he wins them. Or he quits them…because they are unfair.” This quote sums up Andy’s naive confidence and hilarious personality.



#4: At number 4, I got to go with Jim Halpert. Jim is a great character because he’s the most normal personality out of the whole show, so he provides great reactions to the wild office dynamics. He reacts how most of the viewers would to Michael’s absurd managing techniques, which is always entertaining. Jim’s reactions to things that happen in the office are amazing, and those smug looks at the camera when something weird happens are one of a kind. Also, you can’t forget that without Jim Halpert, the whole Pam relationship is out the window, and The Office is just not the same without that couple. Without Jim, there would just be too many weird personalities in the office, and no one that reacts like a normal person to things. His constant battle with Dwight is hysterical as well.



#5: Darryl Philbin, who works in the warehouse of Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch, is another amazing character within the show. Jim and Darryl are the two most normal characters in the show. Darryl is chill, funny and loves to take advantage of Michael’s naiveness. He’s the link between the main office of Dunder Mifflin and the warehouse. When he does get involved with the rest of the cast in scenes, he always has some great lines and just has a very likeable personality. This is why he’s at the #5 spot.



#6: This one was a tough one for me, because I think she deserves higher but I just couldn’t find a spot for her. Pam Beesly deserves the number 6 spot for a number of reasons. But the biggest reason of all is that she and Jim provide for the serious, romantic side of the show almost entirely. I think I can speak for most office fans when I say we are emotionally invested in Pam and Jim’s relationship. What’s even funnier is seeing other members of the office interact with Jim and Pam, often making it extremely awkward for them to be dating. But aside from her relationship with Jim, Pam is genuinely funny when she wants to be and a very nice person. She’s very likeable and good-hearted. When she joins in Dwight and Jim’s pranks she’s got a great sense of humor and contributes to the ongoing rivalry between them.  Pam is the backbone of The Office and makes everything run smoothly.



#7: Last but not least, at number 7, we got Ryan Howard. Every character in the office represents a different type of personality. What does Ryan represent? The classic arrogant, self-centered, and cocky young businessman in his 20’s. I particularly enjoyed Ryan’s character when he got promoted to corporate, and would come back and visit his old branch in Scranton. He made it very  clear he was the youngest vice president in company history. He was in way over his head and thought he was invincible. Then, of course, he gets busted for fraud and ends up back as a temp at Dunder Mifflin Scranton. Yet, through all that, he still remains as presumptuous as ever. You gotta love it. Probably the thing I find funniest about Ryan’s character is how obsessed Michael is with his lifestyle. Ryan is everything Michael wishes he was. That’s what’s so funny about his character and seeing Michael suck up to Ryan constantly and hold him to such a high regard is one of the funniest aspects of the show. Also, his melodramatic, quirky relationship with Kelly is one of the strangest, yet amusing, dynamics of The Office.


Don’t get me wrong. I love every character on The Office (except Toby). I really do, but these are my personal top seven characters.


The Office will go down as the best sitcom ever because of it’s relatability of the work scene to everyday Americans, the genius writing behind the show, and of course, the amazing characters that make this show special.


Scranton, Pennsylvania will always have a special place in my heart.