Brede Baldwin Performs his Original Music for the First and Last Time


Nithin Reddy, Web Editor

Senior Brede Baldwin is known as a celebrity when it comes to LFA fine arts.  If you ask anyone about him they will go on and on about his musical talent, whether it’s him playing numerous instruments or his singing ability.  Last Friday, Baldwin showcased both skills when he performed some of his brand new original music in front of an excited Cressy audience.  While he may take part in school music like COAX, this is his last time performing his own music at LFA.  Previously last week the concert was hyped up by Baldwin’s morning meeting announcements, so there were expectations for a large turnout, and Baldwin was happy about the result.

“I thought [the turnout] was good,” said Baldwin. “I couldn’t estimate the amount of people there, but I thought it was fun.  It exceeded what I thought I was going to get.”

Senior Brede Baldwin is performing today at 7:30 on Cressy stage. Here's what to expect

Posted by Lake Forest Academy Spectator on Friday, March 3, 2017

Since this was Baldwin’s last performance of his own music there was a lot of pressure riding on him.   However, he was not fazed by the extra pressure and found that he was very comfortable.

“I didn’t really feel nervous at all,” said Baldwin. “I thought I was going to feel the most nervous for this one, but I felt the least nervous.  Right when I heard my friends yelling I knew I was in familiar territory.”

Tonight, senior Brede Baldwin performed brand new original music in front of a packed Cressy Auditorium.

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Once the concert began Baldwin was loose with his performance.  You could tell that he was in a rhythm, and the chemistry with his band was undeniable.  They were all hitting on the right notes.  However, about halfway through the concert there seemed to be some sort of dysfunction going on.  It turns out Baldwin was supposed to play bass, but he learned it at the wrong key, so they had to scratch it.  Luckily for Baldwin, his keyboard player, Colin Peterik, came through.

“I learned the bass part in the wrong key, but then our keyboard player came out with some insane whistling skills out of nowhere, and I was really excited about that,” said Baldwin.

Overall, the performance was a success.  While Baldwin walked off Cressy stage, he was bombarded by loud cheers for an encore as well as a standing ovation. This may have been Baldwin’s one and only concert, but it was one that was extremely memorable.  Baldwin did more than just showcase his musical talent.  He was able to connect with the audience on a deeper level.

“I felt like every song was letting someone know one more thing about me rather then people just showing up to see a concert and then leave and forget about it.  People now know those songs are what I have done,”  said Baldwin.